Friday, January 18, 2008

My Books for Sale:

Finer Things: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs
28 page paperback with full color photos - 8" x 5"
an excerpt:

Across the Water from Crowds

Lay me down among the dry and the rattling and the long and the lank
With spiders spinning me in grasses, holding me quietly together

I'm tired today of tuesdays only and thursdays at 11 and shoulda used a pencil
(the blunt point is driving me mad)

Lay me down under the trickle and the cool and the quiet and the burble
With reedy fences pulling me softly, beneath and silent

I'm tired today of crowds and clothes and buy one get one
(what I need isn't on sale)

Lay me down lip-deep in sun-hot lake beds with the musk and the crunch and the buzzing
So snake-laid trails can hide me on hands and knees, eyes soft shut
(away from tiresome columns and checks and lists)

On a sleep sit-down with bluegrass and worms and finer things

like waterbugs

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Elemental Grace: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs
36 paperback pages with full-color photos - 8" x 5"

an excerpt:

Clear Lake

Wrinkled patchworks in bright algae green
deep burnt brown
slashes of black
powdery white
rich gold threads of hot-shine

sparkling halos of heated drops
cause five nimble finger-tips
to dip in sharp-chilled fabric
of wet
so seams of cold drip down neck backs

a lacy train of downy brown lady-duck fluffs
chase canoe-shaped shadows
wobbling copies glide along sandy lake bottoms
in indigo calico
quilting patterns of rippled-circles
over the surface

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Who Am I, Really? Finding Yourself Along Life's Pathway
284 page paperback/workbook - 9"x6"
Each of these thoughts and activities are the result of the many years I've spent in wandering through the depths of soul looking for someone I'd never seen before: me.
I've compiled here the activities and thoughts that proved to bring me the most peace and greatest insight as I struggled to find myself. I pray, oh so fervently, that this book touches your heart and brings you closer to yourself.
So, now take a deep breath, clean your body with sage smoke, cross yourself and say a prayer, meditate - whatever you need to do to pluck up the courage - and stare into the inner room of your heart with this question on your lips, "Who am I, really?"

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