Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bit of everything today

a Flower-Petal shaped stump we saw on our walk, and of course poked things down the center of it...of course...

Ahh, a bit of sun pokes through the clouds, and we are out in it no matter what the temperature. My kids and I, and now my poor husband, have been sick for a couple of weeks, and it seems that leaves us under a cloud physically, but in reality there really WERE clouds over us! Hooray, we are getting better, and the weather reflects that today. I even set outside my prize plant, my big Rose Geranium. She is a wonder. She was still outside when the first unexpected frost came in the fall, and it almost did her in. I've nursed her back all winter, and she is finally doing better, but she sure does need that sunlight and fresh air.
Here is a beautiful thing I saw today...I've never ever seen an old root system look like this. It was weathered as if it had washed up on the beach, all smooth and bleached looking. I decided that this was an old lady tree that had finally fallen over...I wanted to capture her last beauty and am sharing it with you:

I also wanted to share with you my first success in felting anything. I crocheted myself this purse for Geo-caching and Nature walks out of two beautiful natural wool yarn rolls I found at the thrift store for .50cents. I loved that it had bits of turquoise in it here and there, so I crocheted this purse (without any kind of pattern) and then I washed it in hot water with some jeans and VIOLA! Isn't it great!!! I'm so proud of it. I made an extra long handle, because I wear it over my shoulder, and I didn't want any kind of closure, as I needed to be able to get out my camera in a couple of seconds if I wanted it, so I crocheted the flap in one piece with the rest of it. It works like a charm!

I leave you today with this beautiful array of goodies in an old stump...we especially loved the Fairy Cup lichen that is growing appropriate.

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