Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding the Magic

The Oregon Beach is Magic.

This is one of those words that is thrown around in lots of different ways, and carries with it all the mystery of an Ancient Priestess standing atop a hill commanding the lightening and thunder, for some other mysterious reason. I'm coming to figure out what "magic" really is. The Magic in my life is whatever I make of it. If I personally believe something is real, then it is. If I think to myself everyday, "I love to drink water and prefer it over a pop." Then I might start believing it, and find that it is true. That is magic to me!

The way these pine needles were caught on the branch in the rushing Metolius River seemed like Magic to me.

If I believe that it is only the way I personally perceive an object, or a situation, that really matters, then if I see a shape in the clouds that seems to answer a question that was on my heart...that is magic. If I bring Juniper berries into my little meditation area to remind myself that this is a Sanctuary, then the Juniper berries work. If a take a walk in nature to soothe my soul or figure out an answer to a question, and look for a sign to an answer, and find it in the way a stick is bent, that is True, and it is Magic. Another person may just see a broken sad.

My chickens are Magic when they perch on impossibly small things and give us eggs aplenty.

I read once that a sleeping cat calms people...I wonder if this is true because it was written as truth, or because it just always has literally calmed people. I've also read that throwing rice at a wedding should shower the couple with Good Luck and it true because we believe it is true? Why do we have "House Warming" parties? Because if all of your loved ones come into your house and rattle around a bit some of their love and blessing rubs off into your new home, and you feel more homey inside of it. Right?! That, I perceive, is Magic.

This is "Self-Heal". The day I saw it I needed to be reminded that I can thrive if only I would stop and Heal Myself...that was Magic.

When I was little, I would sit and stare into the grasses for hours, imagining if I were tiny how it would be to make my way through it all. Would I ever make it from one side of the lawn to the other? What perils would I encounter on the way? I was working out grown-up ideas in a little child's world...I learned a lot by engaging my mind this way...that is Magic.

She is Magic.

On a balmy summer afternoon, when the kids were playing in the pool and I was sitting in the sun smiling and watching them, I saw my son jump out of the pool and carefully bend over something in the grass. I watched him intently, until I could stand it no longer, and asked, "What is it Brother?" He stood up, leaving the thing he was watching still in the grass, untouched and said, "Mom, look what God left just for us!" It was a perfect tiny blue feather, stuck arrow straight into the top of the green grass, like a banner or a signpost. I was so touched by his thoughts, that I was surprised to find a tear at the corner of my eye, and getting up to see this little miracle, it dropped down my cheek. There was nothing more to more explanation necessary. It was Magic, it was a Miracle, it was a Gift. It touched us, and made us feel loved...a feather in the grass.

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