Thursday, January 22, 2009

What we saw...

steely sky hung on branches in the topmost pine
clinging like dry, grey blankets, hovering
tripping through sage, quietly heady bunches are gathered
through a juniper ring, we saw him
lying, sprawled, rotting
a hush further misted by awe
we've seen this before, yet even now still so sacred
insides were broken, limbs scattered
moss loosening its grip, good-bye-ing the broken body
a quiet reverence, acceptance as we stand
around the bits
discarded pieces of him
the children are quiet, as they pry and poke at the now rust-colored squares of the heart of him
no children, don't pry and poke, leave him be
standing, hands behind backs, compelled to wander, as respectful as we will be
peering into holes, testing loose bits with toes
I find the spirit inside him still, when I open my eyes brighter
Here are the wings he never had
there are the fingers
that never caressed
the eye he couldn't cry from
the joint he didn't twist
never regretful, changing out peacefully
a seed is left, to honor what he may become
Blessed Be Your Journey, Grandfather
we caress twisting, leaning limbs and
leave him
to his leaving



the eye

the joint

the offering


Heather said...

What a beautiful place you live in!~

Christine said...

oh, he's beautiful,
we need to go walking together and I want to meet the old man.