Monday, March 09, 2009

Being a Simple Ray of Light

There are times in my life when I feel embroiled, bundled, bunched, prodded, poked, tight as a snare drum...I worry about this and that, and worry about the one thing and the other thing. I will think about too much and believe there is too little.

Just, it seems, when I am at the point when I think I can take no more, when my back feels broken, or when my mind might burst, a tiny pinpoint of light will break through my mind. Like a diamond reflecting a rainbow of color, it comes straight through my forehead and pours through my body, as a healing sweetness. That light always seems to come from someone or a situation that seems to say, "I see you. I understand you. I know."

We all have the opportunity to be that rainbow of warmth for each and every single other person we know. We don't have to hide away ourselves because our political or spiritual beliefs do not have the same titles, or someone who is quiet may not want us to pry, or we believe we just don't have the time. Nothing should stand in our way. There will come a day when it is impolite NOT to ask how we can help. One day it will be common courtesy to smile and hug someone we only just met. Sometime soon, a gentle word will be the norm. I am intent on being the change I want to see in the world, so if I want to see that happen, I must do it now.
How many of you are so tired of the war, and the dark talk, and depression, and the infatuation with looks, and the gross use of money when so much positive, REAL work could be done in our world?! I believe a positive thought can be as effective as a positive deed, so when I know I can do nothing from where I stand, I send warmth and understanding and love to wherever it needs to go. When I can be embittered by a car full of teenagers throwing cups out their windows, or listening to someone in the post office making racist comments, or listening to ignorance and self-righteous behavior on tv, I am teaching myself to send them love, because somewhere they are lacking it.
I am learning to watch for the pinpoint of radiant light wherever I can find it: the smile and warm pat from the self-checkout clerk when I make so many mistakes, the letter from a long off friend, the sweetness my husband gives me especially when I am being knarled as an old branch, the sun poking through the snow clouds for a moment and shining full strength on my body, the mother with kids racing around her seeking me out to say hello at the library, my kids asking me to cuddle isn't simple, but it could be. A smile is just about the definition of a simple kindness.

In what simple ways are you seeing kindess these days?

Everyone who answers will be sent a beautiful little 18th century print via email - It is a French Music Reward of Merit! Beautiful!!
I just want us to share the beauty in this world, when so much is around us making life seem ugly sometimes.


Sea Angels said...

You deserve the smiles you get, every one of them...I felt that every word I have just read, was how I too would want the world to be..somtimes though the task, and it is a task can seem overwhelming, yet you are right..what does a smile cost, and people do need love, and my friend I find comfort and peace in your beautiful words, and real hope and feeling.
Lynn xx

From This Moment to That said...

I so agreed with every word you said in your post. Sometimes people look askance if I smile at them if I don't know them, isn't it sad that they think there is always an ulterior motive behind a smile? I loved the picture you painted of that small pinpoint of diamond light, I know just what you mean. It's so important and magical when you encounter someone who really 'see's' us. If only the news-readers and the newspapers would change tack and tell us all the good news. Our news-readers dole out all the doom and gloom and finish up on one small itty-bitty funny story or kind story, would that it could be the other way around.
I am always cheered by my blog-friends words it makes such a difference, thank you so much, you are a very special person! :)

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

I seek simple kindness by coming to your blog, Dear Katie. This is a beautiful post, as is the one on healing plants. Your soul is so tender. And strong. I see you. I appreciate you.

Much love to you, Kindred. xo