Friday, March 20, 2009

On the First Day of Spring

I had mentioned that I wanted to try my hand at making some clothespins, do you remember?
But there was snow out the day I thought on it hard, NO SNOW, and it was warm enough for short-sleeves and I rolled up my pants!

This was my morning list, done before lunch:

let the chickens out

feed/water the chickens

start whole wheat bread

start cream whipping - make butter
fix the three clothes lines tight
hang out clothes
rake and pick up garbage that strews about after it is windy

pull up the last of the rebar in the garden (I had logs for garden edging and the rebar kept in longer!)

begin marking out the big garden in the back

look at the greenhouse roof and decide if it is salvageable - it blew off in a very bad windstorm!

Make Clothespins

I can't believe how well they work! I took a piece of poplar (from my mom's house) that was about as big as two of my thumbs, and I quickly shaved off the bark (it is veeery easy on these green pieces like this) - I have something that is a cross between a boxcutter and a pocket knife. It folds up like a pocket knife, but has a boxcutter works awesome for this. Then I took a hammer, and I stood my barkless piece up on end, and I tapped the knife into the end of the stick until it was halfway down to splitting the branch in two, then I was able to just pull it the rest of the way apart. Then I scored the pieces into thirds and broke them off, so that I had three pairs of matching sizes. Then I simply whittled the ends to look like clothespins, and went I went looking for some wire to wrap around the ends, I came across some beading wire I have, and I used that!! I tucked in the ends and snipped them off, and they WORK! It is a miracle! It took me probably 12-15 minutes all together to make 3 of them, so I hope to find another small stick I can whittle on and make a handful of them! wooohooo!! Talk about industrious, huh!

My First Day of Spring has been glorious...

I signed my daughter up for Preschool next year - I can't hardly believe it!
Then I put her down for a nap, and that wasn't hard as the sky clouded up and it became windy, so it was a perfect afternoon for her nap.

I was insistent upon walking about and finding proof of spring today, and I had forgotten that I purchased this little garden statue last fall in an "end of the season" sale...I am glad I got her. She is beautiful.

Here is my PROOF that Spring is coming:
Hollyhocks popping up & Cherry Tree Buds poking out
Bulbs coming up here
And over here

And, too...
When I was satisfied that Spring really had come, and I was glad down in my heart, I came the wind began blowing me back through the door anyhow... And I decided to go through a set of books a friend gave me the other day. They are from 1974, and they are called "The Family Creative Workshop"- they are arranged alphabetically, and I pulled out "Boxes to Card Tricks" - inside, I was most interested in the section on Breadmaking - especially Sourdough Bread - and Caning Your Own Chair Seats, and the one on how to make Boxes. They are very well done, and even though they seem out of date, there are a lot of just simple, good old-fashioned projects and skills to know. I LOVE them! Besides full-color pictures and lots of how-to steps, there were 17th, 18th and 19th century woodcuts tucked in here and there.
I am a very happy girl today...thank you SUNSHINE!


Laura said...

Hi Katie,

Now I definitely know that you would have made it on the prairie! I'm not too sure about myself. How industrious--those clothespins look great! And how fun to have those great finds in the books from your friend.

Whew, I'm tired just thinking of everything you did. Put your feet up tonite, sweetie, you deserve it!


Christine said...

what a wonderful way to start spring!
I'm really eyeing those handmade wooden clothespins.Beautiful!
You know how I love things like that!
Now you need to whittle some spoons for your kitchen.
good for you, yes, have some tea and put for feet up by the fire.
love to you, ma

Katie said...

Thank you ladies! I did make a fire and put my feet up. I'm having some sparkling blueberry juice I got from Trader Joe's and smelling the chicken baking in the oven...mmmm.