Monday, March 02, 2009

Poetry on a Walk

~my Three Sisters from above the rock shelter~
Rambling through the wood
beauty in twisting sticks
peace on fat stumps
~leaf in the snow~
Every small leaf whispers a story
deep in the snow
wizened and veined
spotted and torn
still telling a tale

~birds in the sticks~
Frozen chirping
of long forgotten birds
lying twisted and fading
among bronzed needles

~inside the Rock Shelter~
An ancient view
something long remembered
slipping back
feeling the warmth of the cookfire
watching the smoke curl up the top and broil its way out and up
chipping of rocks, shaving of wood
wordless busy sounds
of life
~outside the shelter looking up~
A wonderment of black
the bright, the green, the ice
among and between a hole dark as pitch
life waited and worked
now quiet and only remembering

~moss on the rocks~
~icy mossy rocks~
Creeping Green and Slick Frozen
bound together on basalt
Yin and Yang twirling

~looking across the river to another shelter~
Ancient Neighbors say hello
a wave with the bow still in hand
an invitation to share the hunt
come inside
sit in the quiet with us
share our meal
share our presence
~icy river~
wet ice hunching
flowing underneath
alive, slicking
trickling between bundled
round rocks

~focus on a branch~ ~focus on the river's edge~
Focusing once on what is near
living closely, keeping it all in front of me
close, secure, seal, shut
Focusing again on what is far
seeing farther, opening eyes to what is near
great, significant, wide, imparting

Reflections on a Gray Day
Clear and Gray and Haze
Snow filled mirror in liquid

~gray sky reflections~

~my son sketching the scene~

Seeing with little eyes the magic of an ordinary day

rocks are trolls

an arching limb is a unicorn hiding behind a tree

the burble of the brook speaks

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