Monday, March 16, 2009

Snow & Wood & Kitties

Yesterday there was rain, and it was fairly, there is snow and it keeps coming down...Grandmother Winter must still be fluffing her goosedown quilt...if you've never read this BEAUTIFUL children's book, you should! Find it here.

My girls are sitting inside their home comfortably...see the orangy glow from their eves? That is their heat lamp, I went out to the side of the shed that has our wood, and I heard them and they heard me, so I said, "Morning Girls!" and they, all four of them, began to cookle and urr (that is what they sound like, really.) I said, "I'll be back soon to feed you!"

I went back in and started a warm fire, and my kitty, Boo-Boo, was grateful. I lit a beeswax candle on the mantle, and poured a cup of steaming hot coffee, and watched the snow come down for awhile. I am not thrilled with it, as I've been wanting to plan my garden and put up stakes and things, but Mother Nature knows what she is doing, so I let it be and said to myself, well, it makes things cozy, that is for sure.
Then, I got out a book I hadn't looked at for a few months...a favorite...a present from my mom for my husband. My husband is a woodworker in his heart...wood is where is talents really shine.

I've wanted to make these old-looking clothes pins for a long time, and this time, I really studied the picture...this is NOT hard...look at them! I mean, how much easier could it get? I'm making me some this summer.
Then I saw this spoon and butter knife, and was in rapture...
And then I thought, I could make wooden spoons, and my dearest could make me this spoon rack...I ADORE IT! I just love old wood rubbed shiny from use like that. He could make one in two afternoons, I know him.

I could make the spoon just from these pictures. I am very visual, so the words would be a hindrance...besides, I want to live on the "edge"...yes, I'm going to make my own wooden spoon and be "edgy"...woohoo.
Looks like I need a chisel. I hope my husband has a chisel...looks like a scooped chisel. That might be more of a challenge.

My favorite band right now is Telling the Bees, and one of their songs is called "Wood" - I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them! Even if you just go to look at the drawings on their website, which are fabulous and done by a UK blogger that I am loving as well,
This snow is not stopping, but I must go out into it! We have places to go and people to see...I know how cold it would be, and the awful work it would take, but wouldn't it be lovely to go into town with a horse-drawn cart, with hot potatoes in your pockets and woolen scarves tied around your head...maybe for one day before I was tired of it...

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