Thursday, March 05, 2009

What makes me happy this morning...

Things I am thankful for today
Of all the bloody crazy things, I am actually thankful for the little goose feather flakes that are falling outside, very quietly, very slowly.
I am thankful that my daughter is sleeping in, as I love the quiet of the morning to myself, for even a few extra minutes.
I am thankful that my fireking coffee mug doesn't get hot at all in the microwave, but that the coffee is near to boiling...ahhhh!
I love that the cat smacks his lips every now and then in his almost 12 years old, does he still dream of nursing his mommy?
I am thankful for the spots of red I put in my home. Red makes me feel good all over.
I am thankful for the beeswax candles my mom made for me straight from her cauldron on a chilly day in the orchard.
I am thankful for fresh cut pink tulips on my coffee table, that are so long and lank that they fall over and make the most fantastic looking arrangement around soft pink gerber daisies.
I am thankful for my little bits of Williamsburg under a small cloche: a shave of wood wrapped in a piece of raw flax from the farm, a Cardinal Mistress feather, a little blue feather, berries from a juniper, pieces of pink and green granite from near the shore, a piece of crushed oyster shell from the paths, a dried up leaf from some kind of ivy.
I am thankful for the color of coffee...any other color and I wouldn't want to drink it.
I am thankful for my comfy couch in the deepest shade of dark chocolate.
I am thankful for my chickens, whom I see pecking about in their run this morning, only busy with what is in the one square inch before their little beaks, until they are startled by a Raven's caw (why are they scared of the Ravens? Must be innate for them to worry over them.)
I am thankful for good books that push and prod at that grey mush up in my head.
I am thankful for dish washing machines.
I am thankful for my brown sweater on this chilly morning.
I am thankful for my little sewing kit in the tiny oval wallpaper wrapped box that I keep with my crochet.
I am thankful for crochet.
I am thankful for my daughter, whom I hear shuffling about upstairs.
I am thankful knowing that I am the one she seeks out each morning to cuddle under a blanket next to me, asking me what we are doing today, and when I am done, she will ask, "Is this Today?"

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