Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Day of Small (and not so small) Things

"For who hath despised the day of small things?"
Zechariah 4:10
I haven't had a day like today for a very, very long time...well, I've never had a day quite like today.
I talked to my mom on the phone for over an hour, then my friend Alma called and we talked for just over an hour, then my friend Julie called and we talked for just almost an hour. It was crazy...normally I am in my little cave literally whittling away the that was how it began.
Then I finished the doll that is going to be in the next Joggles class sessions & I LOVE her.
She is a gypsy soul.
I wanted her to have a very primitive elegant, dirty beautiful kind of look, and I felt that I succeded...She is wonderful, if I don't say so myself.

So far, my day had been full of small beautiful things...but tonight was a fairly big thing for me...I was on TV! It was crazy, and wonderful all at once. Very surreal.
You should be able to view the segment HERE - the segment about Katie Estvold, that's me.
Then afterward, I was so set to settle in after everyone was in bed with this scene...I laid on the dirty rug (nah nah nah nah nah...I played before I cleaned), with The Smoothies Bible and a stack of recipe cards,

with my coffee in a favorite mug

the best kitty cat in the whole wide world who is as many years old as my husband and I have been married...we call him Boo-Boo...he mostly laid on his back and kept trying to lay on my recipe cards when I was writing and looking at me with one eye until I finally picked him up like a baby and cooed him a little and scratched his chin and kissed his wet nose until he was satisfied and would lay beside me instead...kind of demanding when he wants lovies...

then I realized I had TWO episodes of my favorite show to watch on the DVR...yeeeeeees!
Most Haunted is a UK show, that comes on the Travel Channel...LOVE the history but mostly I love the GHOSTS...yeeeeeeees! This is a photo of my tv while Most Haunted is starting...yeeeeeees!

Then I couldn't wait to look through this catalog that I'd been waiting is called
It is specifically for dry climates, like ours. I know when you hear "Oregon" you might think "rain", but that is ONLY about 1/3 or less of the state that gets so much rain. Most of Oregon is High Desert and dry, dry, dry. This catalog is like a healing balm on my sore gardener's thumb. I can NOT wait to begin to rub my pennies together and figure out what I can get this year, and what I will wait for next year. It is SO wonderful to have such a specific gardening catalog!
And, WOW, look at the photo on the front. I DREAM of taking photos like that. It is so brilliant and the pollen covered bee flitting away from such a delicate feminine blossom. I don't know who took the photo, but I wish I could give them the credit for is just beautiful.
These are the plants that caught my eye on the first "once-over" tonight...looks like I am loving the purples and yellows...

Top Row ~Scabiosa ("Vivid Violet")~Salvia ("Blue Flame")~"Wabi Basin" (looooove this, but have seem something similar at a local greenhouse for under $20 - this one is $160!!!)
Second Row ~Gaillardia ("Frenzy" - loooved the curly ends on this!)~[farthest right] Asclepia ("Western Gold Mix" - never seen this before, but the orangey-yellow brightness of it makes me haaaaappy!)
Third Row~Stachys ("Silver Carpet")~[farthest right] Echinacea ("Kim's Knee High")
In the center is a collage of what are called "Tough-As-Nails Shrub Roses" - The white ones are especially calling to me.
What a very serene, busy day it has been. A rarity in it's simplicity.


Doreen said...

Katie...I just watched the video and it's wonderful!!! So inspiring and lovely!

Your new dolls for the next joggles class is fantastic! When will it take place?

your day sounds enchanting!

Many blessings,

Christine said...

oh you did have quite a day!
Congratulations on your OPB segment. It was so fun to see you talking about your work and seeing that beautiful smile.

I love your little pumpkin ladye and seeing boo-boo,too, of course.
he looks so much like Angus & Henry doesn't he?

Those flowers will be beautiful in your herb garden,too.

See you soon!

Laura said...

I'm loving the sound of the brook . . . it's transporting me . . . somwhere peaceful . . . I'm back! Katie, I loved the segment on Oregon Beat. It was so fun to actually see you at work in your studio. That doll seemed a bit sassy, but I loved how you straightened her out. So grand that your work has been acknowledged in such a way. Your next joggles class looks like fun; I may have to sign up!


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Gals you had such a nice day. I highly recommend Echinacea Kims Knees high and Kims Mophead. I can't remember now which ones white and which ones pink but they're both great. If you want a real native then just get Echinacea purpurea which has a more prairie look with the petals that droop.
Loved the video too. It was fun seeing you work on the dolls and the newletter I have myself. I don't know how you do everything you do.
Hope you don't mind I have the same nature music on my blog as you.
Take care,