Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Colors

Joy & Openness come from our own contented heart.

first row ~old nest in the rose hips~pussywillow~oak~
second row~trillium~abandoned house~oak leaves~
third row~oak~oregon grape~pigs~
last row~wet on the way home~through my hometown (verdant!!)~old fence post & rose hips~

Lemon Tarts made by mom...these were sooo yummy...the best I've ever had!
There was family and the Easter Bunny and laughing and togetherness, good food and fun, cooking together and walks, early mornings and late nights and lots of smiling.


Christine said...

it was a wonderful day together~
rain and spring showing up in every nook~
thank you for such a nice picture of my lemon curd tarts...those were really good.

Laura said...


I love the collage of photos you took, especially the old abandoned house in the center. I wonder whatever happened that it became abandoned. I love seeing pictures of the terrain out where you live--so different from here.

Any more of those tarts left? I think it's tea time!


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I adore all your nature photos...lovely in the collage. Lemon tarts are my favorites. I have to make them and give them away or I get to tempted to eat them all.