Saturday, April 04, 2009


What was my happiness today: a heavy pottery bowl full of luscious, sweet, bright strawberries; a clutch of eggs from my girls; my bread turned out with a flaky, buttery crust and a moist (not dense!) inside - it was magic!; more butter for the week in my red transferware sugar bowl.
Won't you take a walk with me at Cold little family and I took a walk up one side and down the other of Cold Springs this morning, and the water was magic everywhere I looked.

My first "Aaaaaahhhh" of the day...the sunshine made glittery jeweled fairies dance over the surface of the creek at every bend.

The water was alive this morning with shade and shadow and glimmer.

In darkened corners, under the edges of the rocks, near the source of the spring, I found a circle of ice towers...water that had grown up from the dirt and seemed to be reaching back out for the rays of the sun so it might run away from the tower where it had been captive...

Under the eaves of the rock shelter, I found only two icicles, standing shining in the sun and proud. The idea of the lush moss and the glimmering icicles drew me. I took photo after photo, and lo...two beauties for you today...

This one seemed to be growing out of the moss...I kept thinking of an elephant tusk. It was captivating...

My morning ended with this bowl of strawberries, that I can't keep my eye off of...this photo is luscious...don't lick your computer screens...

A day like today is just what my heart needed (that and a little St. John's Wort never hurt)...
sunlight glimmering off of my favorite flowing water
ice pushing up and out of the cold ground, escaping to the sunshine
shining, proud icicles...dripping away
my bread came out (this was the 6th batch of bread I have ever tried, and it finally came out perfect!!)
the ease and simplicity of making butter
huge red, freshly washed strawberries
letting my chickens out to scratch everywhere & cleaning their pen
gathering their eggs
hanging out my wash with my homemade clothespins
listening to my husband shaving bark off of his walking sticks
making a clothespin tutorial (which will be available soon!)
the kids playing out past 5pm because the sun is still warm, and everything is warm & still & perfect
the day ending with tacos, more strawberries, and a Dos Equis (mmmm)


Laura said...


Thanks for the warning---I almost did lick the screen! You live in an awesome place of nature, the photos are beautiful.

Looking forward to the tutorial!


Kipik said...

I'm just gone envy you bitterly!! but only until I will join your clan ...soon enough!