Monday, April 27, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays

I'm taking a cue from Graciel at Evenstar Art and beginning to write about what inspires me every Monday. Today, I'm inspired by the worn-out, the re-used, the faded and the aged.

A blog I read very often is Sparrow Salvage. She is an amazing artist, with an affinity for the worn-out, the rusty, and the broken. I am always just taken with her soulful, pretty handwork, and her amazing jewelry. I've always loved these sorts of things, but it makes me see potential in even the smallest ripped bit of lace.

Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farmhouse inspires me in the same way. She loves the old and the faded beautiful fabrics that are now tarnished with need for mending. Her dolls are like nothing I've ever seen before. They have sweet little souls and are dressed in the most beautiful old fabrics. Her blog is inspiring to read, too.

This morning, these artists inspire me to look around my house for the worn out, the loved up and the faded. I collect old books that have water damage, age spots, wrinkles, broken spines, once magnificent tooled leather covers, ripped edges, sewn pages, book worm holes, rusty spots...the more scrungy, the better.

This little dolly is one that I own from Deerfield Farmhouse. She is dressed in a abit of old linen doily and antique faded velvet flowers. Her skirt is wrinkled, aged paper, and her little bunny face is crackled and aged. Her name is "Chalke"; isn't she the sweetest?


What is it about old dirty, ripped up, mildewed, broken books that give me goosebumps and make me dig deep into my pockets to purchase them? The books were once something useful, or beautiful...loved. When I hold them, I wonder what their miraculous journey was that brought them to this lowly state. I admire artists who can recreate that look in their art!


Christine said...

oh my....

be still my heart...those old rag paper books are so beautiful...
& I see that little Chalke is very interested in reading...a little secret..
before she knew there were pages between lovely old book covers that she tried to read her skirt as best she could...
thank you for this my Katie.

Laura said...

Ditto!!!! I love to imagine who owned the book, and what was their story. Ripped, torn, foxing, mildew, yellowed with age, worn by the hands that held it draws me as well. Maybe that's why I also like anything chipped paint, rusted, cracked, etc.. the history it has.

That little Chalke is precious as can be.

P.S. Miss Katie, your new dolls are SWEEEEEETTTT!!!!!!!!!!!