Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Offering Of What We Are

The Wind offers itself today. It is trying to open my unlatched windows with it's voice. I let it try...that is how Wind gives. It sweeps the dirt clean, it brushes out seeds and plants them far away, it cleans the dust off the rocks and weeds out the trees gone soft. It makes the grasses want to dance and the birds to hover. The chickens have stayed abed, and the cat stays curled on the couch. I accept what it offers.

Staying indoors on an introspective day has made me look around my house for color. It offers color in every nook.

~beeswax candle ends on a red candle stand~close-up of my painting~

~prosperity hens hanging over my desk~broom in the kitchen~Virgin Mary Candle~Do-it-yourself books~

~Yellow Chakra in the center~

~Trader Joe's Organic Lollypops~house plant~old red teatowel~the Yellow pages on my latch-hooked wool-roving mat~

~Kahlil Gibran books~jug of Vegetable oil on a red kitchen towel~lady's head from some artwork~scissor handles~

~more green & yellow from my bird painting~beeswax candles on the mantle next to a turquoise vase~
So, I took what the color offered me, and created a piece of artwork today:

I think it wants to be called "Offering" or "What I Offer" or "Offering All"

or "Offering of What I Am"

She is expectant, and open and believing...knowing that what she is, is enough...because what she is, IS BEAUTY. She gives from every angle...her hands produce beauty, her mind...see she even has wings and is girded with it...

Do you accept that what you offer the world is enough?

You are made to be perfectly beautiful. You are a wonder. What you were made to do, is enough. It is beautiful. Accept yourself for who you are and wash your offering in thankful tears.


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