Friday, April 03, 2009

Reminding Myself

Not long ago, I took a class from my friend Alma on, and created a really beautiful "Yin-Yang Box" - One side we created an altar to our YIN side, and the other side we created an altar to our YANG side, and all the dreams and feelings that went along with these attributes.
I just LOVED the art lesson that was intertwined with a soul lesson. It was just so much fun.
There are two sides, and I tend to keep the Yin side out most of the time. This is the front side. It has a quote I put on it that says, "Cease trying to work everything out with your mind. Live by Intuition and Inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation."
I'm really thankful that I take the time to just listen to my heart most of the time, and that I can create things at certain points in my life to remind myself of later. I think it is very interesting that I chose purples and oranges for the Yin/Yang box as I equate color meaning with the Chakras, and in Chakra understanding, the Orange Chakra is, partly, to do with your creativity - for me, that is how I DO. I Create...when I am being productive I feel whole.
The purple Chakra is the topmost, the one that is my connection to the Source, to that Divine Energy that most of us call God, or Great Spirit. This is the very essence of my own spirit; my connection to God creates a purpose to everything that I do...when I create.
At my mini altar, I like to keep this polished orange heart rock. I found it by chance at a second-hand store, and I have loved it since. It is as big as my own hand, and has such a vibrant energy and feeling to it for me.
Inside the Yin part of my box, I have this beautiful image.
I put together some pretty handmade purple clay beads and an old piece of costume jewelry, with a fun piece of glittery spiral-y paper in the background. This image of the Virgin Mary just makes me soooo happy. I've written "LISTEN" below her, because I believe my intuition is when I listen to that Divine Energy that lives in my heart. It reminds me to be quiet and listen to that still small voice inside of me.
We also created little notebooks to put in each side of the altar. This is the front of the little notebook on the Yin side as well. It reminds me to just "BE" - It is funny how you can walk by something everyday, but not really see it. I've needed all of these reminders for days.
What I see are reminders to LISTEN to my INTUITION,
to let my life be INSPIRED and to just BE.
Funny how I wrote these things months is like stepping into the future and helping myself. I am thankful for that.
This is something I recently made for my Etsy shop...I was SO inspired by these big silver wing charms, I knew I had to make a necklace right away...this piece reminds me to just close my eyes and fly. It is like flying on a full moonlit night. I just love was very YIN of me to think of making it, and very YANG of me to actually go about making it.
I look forward to days strung upon days where I listen and I do...that is how I am at my best.
Thank God, truly, for reminders.

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