Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fairy Rings

dishing purple and luminous
in rounds of bright
(and never shy)
poking proudly, boldly
between the toes of spring
in a dance
i never did hear
~quiet, quiet, quiet~
mayn't they be seeds lost, by accident,
from the pocket of my apron
(that I see now has gotten a hole)
when leaning forward last fall
to hear a thrumming, a humming
from the grasses
in this
~Katie Estvold~


Laura said...


Thouest be a poet! I love it. The imagery is so vivid--I can see myself bending over to listen and then putting my finger in the pocket with an amusing chuckle.

So sweet my friend.

Laura ox

Katie said...

Thank you Laura! Isn't it a nice thought when you see a fairy ring of violets to think someone must've accidentally dropped a handful of seeds there? hehe.