Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - The Beautiful Fairy Land I Live In

A Fairy Land beckoned us today...
Luscious and Verdant with
Drooping Flowers

A tiny set of stairs going up and up and
ever up

The walls of the Fairy Castle where very hard to scale,
but scale we must...
to hear a secret from a Fairy Princess
in a topmost tower
In her tiny voice she said, "You must travel past the Growing Gold
and Piles of Lace
Follow the Bend in the Path
Crossover the sleeping back of the Water Dragon
Fight your way past the Rapid White
and the Mossy Coolness.
Once you have done these things, you'll have found the
The Source of the Spring, from whence all Life Flows.
Water Springs forth from the Rocks.
There will be your prize.


Anonymous said...

did you happen to see a fairy today?! Their little world must have been just as magical to you as it surely was to the little E's...the sleeping dragon's back...what a beautiful mossy place to rest.

I can't wait to come along next time.

Doreen said...

I truly felt as if I was on a trip to find the mystical fairy!! Thank you Katie!

Joyous day to you,