Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Favorite Food

I'm learning to honor myself in so many ways these days. Overtime, as I've learned to love myself and do what is best for me, even my favorite foods have changed. Today I realized, with a very gratified smile, that truly my favorite foods are good for me! This is my absolute favorite - and my mom's too! We love to eat this on just about everything, but for a quick lunch, just pouring this over some tortilla chips, is what we call "Salsa Soup."
Want to make some?

You'll need a big bowl - in a brilliant contrasting color is best :)
About 5 very ripe tomatoes
2-3 limes
Half a bunch of fresh cilantro
2/3 of a medium sized red onion
T. of chopped garlic (not added on this day)
1 can of green chiles (not added on this day)
I also love to add Garlic Salt and Garlic Pepper to taste, when I am done.

Wash and then chop the tomatoes into small-bite sized chunks, and place in the bowl.
Wash thoroughly, and then chop (leaving most of the stems off) the half a bunch of cilantro; add to the bowl.
Cut off 2/3 of a red onion and chop fairly small, but not tiny; add to the bowl.

Now, cut the limes in half.(I looove limes, so I added 3.How many you use is up to you)
I use a handheld juicer to get all the pulp and juice out of each lime and mix it in with the rest of the veggies. Now I add the garlic salt and pepper to taste.
Normally, I like the salsa to meld together for a few hours before I eat it (it is going to be delectable tomorrow!) and of course, to be room temperature.
I put about 9 or 10 chips in the bottom of a bowl, and pour over the salsa and eat it with a spoon. Ahhh, it's refreshing and tangy and wonderful!
**You can add or delete to this kind of salsa to your heart's content.**


Christine said...

yes yes yes!

oh,this is such wonderful stuff...especially spooned over crunched up organic blue corn tortilla chips in a very pretty old bowl...a pretty old spoon...an old movie...or sitting on the porch steps listening to the birds while you savor the deliciousness.



Kipik said...

That sounds really delish!!! thanks for sharing!