Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seeing Love

Love changes the world. Love, love and only love. Love is that connection between thought and deed - the "I should" and the "I did" - the idea and the action.

Love resides there as a sticky elastic glue to all deeds.

Love of "stuff" may not believe this, but there is a kind of love and essence that lives in the stretch of all ideas and deeds that are birthed and lived. Love is the thought that guides it all. Love is ever present. Look for the LOVE.

When muscles stretch during exercise, endorphins are released. That is how love works. The thought to move, the end of movement. Love lives inside that place.

The force by which we call "LOVE" holds all of it together. It holds the ENTIRE universe together.

There is a kind of love that causes a robin to hop about my dewy front lawn, gathering bugs for her babies. There is a kind of love that causes that dew to form on the grass and a kind of love that brings the bugs out from under the ground so that robin can gather them. There is a kind of love that makes the sun to dry up the dew and the bugs to go back under ground.

There is a kind of love happening when a spider hatches out and sends a line of silk to catch on the breeze. It is that same love that blows the spider to a perfect place to spin a web from branch to branch. Love brings a moth flying into that web. Love puts that spider into the beak of a starling.

Love causes the wind to blow and a seed to drop. Love gives it enough water and sun to sprout and grow tall.
Love shows me the connections of itself between the birds, grass, dew, sun, spiders, webs, moths, seeds and me.

Love isn't grabbing. Love ALLOWS.
Recognize LOVE.

Imagine love as a spring of water. Grabbing for the water as it flows out of the ground won't make it come any faster or fill your bucket any quicker. In matter of true fact, if you were to patiently set your pail under that spring, and watch as your bucket overflows. You calmly drink from it, and refreshed, you can go back for more at any time.
That is how love comes.

You don't have to rush for it, dig for it, grab it, hunt it, shoot it down and skin it and package it and freeze it. You don't need to go on safari to find it. You are part of it. It is part of you.
Real and true love is constant. We ABIDE in it.
Calm yourself.
Get quiet.
Feel your connection to it.

Be deepened by it. Stand still and let your roots grow down into it. Let it nourish you.
See the love in others even when they aren't giving it freely. It is there. How do they show it? How is it coming?
We analyze. We keep our mind working. We read books on the subject, we may even internalize. What we need, eventually, is to understand that the only thing that really HELPS in this world, is LOVE.

Love yourself and everything you do is wonder and magic.
Love others and everything they do is wonder and magic - Radiant Beings to be marveled at.
Love your World and you hold it delicately in your hand - also a wonder, a magic, a marvel.

Love is not a perception that everything is happy or perfect or rosy or sweet.
Love is SEEING the wonder of it.
Love is SEEING.

Love sees a cloud of mosquitos and marvelling at their delicate formation, their hunger, their drive. Love does not mean to walk into their midst without an obscene amount of insect repellant on.
Love is understanding your connection to them. Love is seeing yourself in them. Love is "getting" why they do what they do. Then you spray yourself down and walk through.

Love is understanding someone's anger, but not condoning visciousness.
Love is understanding, connection, observation.
Love is the spiderweb that connects. All of it rippling when one piece moves. Love is generous connection.

Love is not on the surface, but deep within the well of the heart. Our ability to TRULY LOVE is hindered only by our ability to climb down into that well and traverse the underground rivers until we find the heart-wells of those around us.

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