Thursday, May 07, 2009

Soft Moon Shining


My beloved Divine Mother
Dance with me
under the soft moon shining
in the wide open fields
far beyond the toil and trouble
of my busy mind

Dance with me
before the night grows old
while the winds of love
still bow the grasses
and the coyotes howl for you
to step their way
Dance with me my beloved
while the Mystery's Edge
still flirts in the shadow
of your radiant light
~Poem by Edward Walker III~Photograph by Katie~


Doreen said...

Beautiful picture and Poem Katie.

By the way...have you heard Heavenly Day By Patty Griffin? It is a beautiful song...I think you would really like it.

Have a wonderful day
Doreen are most welcome!

Doreen said...

Good morning Katie. Stopping by to wish you a Joyous albeit belated....Mother's Day!

I hope your day was filled with laughter and love.