Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Translucent Greens

a heady bloom pales
the light within
translucent green
Every year we have an extremely long winter, and we just can't wait to get outside and smell the grasses and see the blooms on trees and bushes. The green seems to be full of it's own light.

My little brother turned 31 yesterday, and he and his sweet wife are expecting their first little baby in another couple of weeks. How Exciting!!!It was one of those lazy-feeling days where you watch more than you engage, and you listen more than you talk. I took loads of pictures around their yard, and just soaked in the sunshine. What a beautiful Day!


Laura said...


What a captivating view of the mountains. Is that from your brother's home? We don't get to see much of that here in the Midwest so it always takes my breath away.

Glad you're putting your feet up for a day. Beautiful pictures.


Christine said...


isn't that a gorgeous mountain to have in your own front yard...

I'm thinking of Nita looking out at it while she and the littlest one of our band of merry family have their midnight visits.

it was a beautiful day together.