Sunday, May 31, 2009

Watching and Listening

This morning came like a dove's wing,

Sky subdued by rain clouds,

not portentous, only pondering.

me and kitty watching




the morning did not call for heavy thought

a kind of just BE-ing

came over me

just listen

just sit with your coffee and listen

watching starling fly into eaves
listening to the beat of a raven

twisting in my seat and being aware of a cluster of amber babies

wondering about this new world

most just sitting and letting it soak in

others becoming busy and spinning tiny filaments

i blow on them to watch thirty or so drop lines in flight

and crawl just as quickly back to the family

"hello babies" I say

i almost think of putting a hand under them to let them repel onto my palm

then i think better of it, remembering that one or two is nice

but hundreds are frightening.

of all the things to photograph this morning

the childrens' garden tools


waiting for work and play

i had to check on Robert Frost this morning
and tho' it didn't rain this morning, I did sneak out early and poked about beneath open windows watching and listening to the morning
this really felt appropriate to share
i ADORE this poet - his images are startlingly clear and yet soft:
The sound of the closing outside door was all.
You made no sound in the grass with your footfall,
As far as you went from the door, which was not far;
But you had awakened under the morning star
The first songbird that awakened all the rest.
He could have slept but a moment more at best.
Already determined dawn began to lay
In place across a cloud the slender ray
For prying beneath and forcing the lids of sight,
And loosing the pent-up music of overnight.
But dawn was not to begin their "pearly-pearly"
(By which they mean the rain is pearls so early,
Before it changes to diamonds in the sun),
Neither was song that day to be self-begun.
You had begun it, and if there needed proof--
I was asleep still under the dripping roof,
My window curtain hung over the sill to wet;
But I should awake to confirm your story yet;
I should be willing to say and help you say
That once you had opened the valley's singing day.

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