Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Work in Progress

These little unfinished bits lie in my hand, with rain dripping down on
a leg or two here, little hands there; unpainted, clean canvases are ready to be completed.
Little Works in Progress. They are becoming something, and that gives a thrill down to my toes.
A small, unnamed lump of clay is formed and reformed, smoothed and smooshed, added and edited it until there she is! A little bit of clay, made into a girl.

There is nothing I like better than to take a fresh stack of my clean, smooth 100% recycled paper with green and brown flecks in it, print 18th century woodcuts and Almanack pages on it, dunk it in walnut ink, heat it to a crisp and stack it again - ready to cut.
It gives me a thrill to make something new into something old and weathered and beaten.
A wonderful stack of wrinkled, crunchy papers for letter to friends.
They have become something - to me, they have become that thing they were meant to become. Even that clean, smooth paper was meant to become wrinkled and stiff and aged. The bit of clay in my hands, was meant to become a little girl with brown eyes and brown hair, carrying a little orange cat under her arm.
If I believe that, how much more do I believe that God made me in exactly the way I am for a reason?
Thank goodness, I DO believe, otherwise I'd spend my entire life trying to be something that I am not. I see the parts of myself, surely as I see the stack of uncut paper, or the handful of doll parts. As Goethe says, "If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise."

I am passionate about what I believe.
I want to take care of everyone. I deeply empathize with hurting people.
I absolutely abhor injustices, prejudices and meanness.
My mind thrives on learning about the whys and wherefores of the Natural world,
and the way we think, and the way we believe.
I think deeply. I feel deeply. I expect to be treated the way I treat other people, and when I don't I am severely hurt. I need to be respected. I need to be listened to.
I need time to myself. I love to meditate, and fill my pockets with rocks, and share my insights with those whomever will listen.
Whatever we may be, and whatever we may not be, we were made to be exactly what we were meant to be. Do you believe that? Write it down. Take note of who you are. Don't leave anything out. Guaranteed, those things you "don't like" about yourself are just not being used in the best possible way. I, for instance, am extremely prone to bossy-ness. As my mentor teacher taught me, "It's okay to be bossy, as long as you get a job where you can do it with a smile." That is why she became a teacher...ah ha! I do love teaching for this exact reason.
We all have gifts, but we are all works in progress.
Learn who you are, and Be who you were born to be.


Doreen said...

Good morning Katie. Gosh what a wonderful post! I find each one I read more inspiring and encouraging than the last. I just love my visits here. :)

I just wanted to say to you that I find your creations ...your work...simply amazing....after taking your wonderful Miss Bird class I can say from have a gift! After working with the paper and finding out first hand how difficult it is to work with and then watching you create with it..your hands flow as if by are doing what you are meant to do!

Many, many blessings to you Katie!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, there is a syncronicity to thoughts between people that is stunning. These very same things have been on my mind a lot lately, and here I am, drawn to your lovely woode today. I've learned to accept such times as gifts, and I am grateful to you Katie, for sharing your heartfelt thoughts here.

The little dollies are going to be quite wonderful, I think.