Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays: my little brother's baby girl

I am inspired by my FAMILY today.
My family fills my heart to overflowing...
my "little" brother (who is 6'2" and over 30yrs old) and his beautiful, sweet wife
just had their first baby this last weekend.
Her name is Elisabeth...isn't that so beautiful?!
She looks exactly like a mix of her daddy and her mommy.
I just have fallen in love with her already. My kids were in awe of how tiny she was, and especially Emma was taken with her.
I got to cuddle her up and kiss her little head.
I was just looking up the word "family" and realized that it is related to the word "familiar" - so I looked up "familiar" in the thesaurus, and here is what I read:
familiar, intimate, knowing, versed, well-known;
accessible, affable, amicable, approacable,
casual, close, comfortable, courteous, easy,
friendly, informal, sociable, unconstrained, unreserved;
common, customary, usual.Align Center
and I couldn't help but feel these things about my brother's family and my family...we are familiar, in all these is beyond comforting to know that this little family is so familiar...especially with this new little baby!! Auntie Katie never sounded so good!
Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

a place of worship

without a doubt, Cold Springs is the Sacred Grove of my Heart.
In fact, it is a place of profound heart-healing, or simple smile-bearing worship.
Through a pine forest, carpeted in green-flowing, lacy-seeded graces,
I walk slowly.
I know I am near, when I can hear the burble-clink of Cold Springs
gracing the banks, are three very old, bent, black-barked choke cherry trees...
In this season, the grasses grow thigh-high, buzzing bumbling bees hang on impossibly small fire-red columbine, a sudden hum from behind me and now before me, and now to the left tells me that a little female ruby-throated hummingbird is nearby...and there she is...too quick to take her picture.
She greets me at the doors to my place of worship.

Near the opening of the space inside these three wild cherries,
is a tiny drop from a spittle bug home...
reminding me that holy water comes not only in a basin volume, but by the droplet as well.
I enter by bowing low...
the movement is not lost on me

I take my seat in the center pew...
of my star-adorned sarong fourth-folded
all above me, something finer than any gothic stained-glass
sunlight through impossibly-green bowers of leaves
leaded with black spider-lengths of cherry branch

I greet other parishoners, as part of my worship
a little green grass spider - very shy
the bumble bee
the hummingbird, so teensy
a baby black spider that repelled into my lap from time to time
...or was it more than one baby?
a fly - insistent
chipmunks, so numerous, and chattering
they left their pretty little offerings here
I touched them and asked that I might join the offering of these as well.
I also offered up this prayer:
I hear this water and feel its coolness
I smell the grasses, not by bruising them, only from the warmth of the sun that I can see
through the leaves of this sacred place
and I am so thankful
so thankful
so thankful
for all of it
and me in it.
I made a wish with this magic...
I sent out peace on each seed that left.
I touched this plant,
aptly named "Self-Heal"
and we knew each other well.
later, I made a sacred reliquary-reminder
of my time, never alone, in a place of worship
I leave, touching these earthen-stars,
gifts from the Goddess.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - I'm Off Touching The World

It's been quite awhile since I last posted, and I am just so sorry about that...
maybe marginally sorry... Oh, actually not sorry at all.
We've been out seeing things like this...a little piece of paradise in the High Desert.
Can I try and describe the scene above?
Can I try and tell you how an amateur geologist feels when she sees (and her rockhound son sees) these ancient lava flows cut in half by millions of years of water running through them?
Can I tell you how the sun shone warm making the air heady with yellow mustard from a nearby field?
Can I express how the sound of the river was like the tinkling of ice in a glass of lemonade?
Would you know what I meant when I said the same scene made humid by a covering of clouds was just as beautiful?
Can you see how the colors, once vibrant in a golden wash of sunshine, were now seen through a thin wash of silvery watercolor?

I was busy looking at the sunshine through verdant greens.

Old Country Roses hot pink and prolific were filling my afternoons like syrup over hotcakes.

I was very busy noticing the warmth of these grasses on a backdrop of a cool river and a sky, clean and blue and lazy with summer clouds.

I was awed by the variety of greens in this world. Lime and apple, sage and chartreuse, forest and pine, grass and leaf...hues and shades and tints.
Sometimes I am struck by what is noticed and what goes unnoticed. I am a wonderer, a wanderer, a questioner, a learner...and not in any sort of lazy way. I burn with the desire to understand, to hear, to soak in knowledge. I lift up rocks and see what lives underneath; I watch spiders spin webs, I blow on clusters of baby spiders to see them drop lines and scurry back to their tight clutch. I wander through museums and read every word. I read every single day.
I look up words I don't know, or phrases I don't quite understand.
I analyze dreams and pay attention to unspoken clues.
I pick up rocks and wonder how they were formed; I want to know the names of birds, bugs, plants and trees.
I am an avid, voracious, persistant, curious learner.
Oftentimes, that takes me away from this blog...but there is no apologizing for it...
Life is out there, and I have to touch it to let it touch me.
I hope you get away from this computer today and turn over a rock to see who lives underneath it...say, "Good morning," then replace it and think of them often.
Life is out there, and you have to touch it to let it touch you.
a little side-note...
I think I'm constantly in a state of wonder about how connected we human beings are...especially, for me, how connected women are.
From a burning desire to give women the COURAGE to be Happy,
I started a little weekly newsletter called En-Couraged: A Weekly Lift,
and would you look at what the winding Path through Blog-dom brought me to today:
I wonder at the connectedness between what is inspiring and exciting women these days, and I find so much in common, kindred, and downright eerie somedays!! It can't be something in the water, or something in the air, so it must be something in the energy...
The Courage to be Happy/Blissful...I'm diggin' it...
It is so exciting!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - Lady's Mantle

This Monday, I am inspired by Lady's Mantle.

It's flowers are a wonderful limey-hue, while the leaves are granny smith-green.

I love how delicate and earthy they are, and how they pop against the bright pink peonies.

It's Gaelic name is Copan an driuchd which means "dew cup".

The leaves of this plant fold up each night, and in the early morning they open, to show their

great drops of dew held inside.

In the ancient days of the Celts, women would wash their faces with the dew gathered in the leaves of the Lady's Mantle.

Lady's Mantle has been used to treat inflamed wounds, vomiting, and could regulate

periods and curb excess menstruation. It was used to calm period pains.

It's main usage was for women, hence the name and association with a Lady.

It has strong ties to the Celtic Goddess, Brighid, because of it's innate feminine healing qualities,

and ability to bring attention to details - a feminine trait.

Seeing a Lady's Mantle growing should remind you of the details in life that need notice, or attention.

Won't you turn to your feminine side and quietly reflect on the small things, today?

And if you are lucky enough to have Lady's Mantle growing in your garden,

take an early morning walk to wash your face in its dew.


Peonies, Winners and First Books

Good Sunday Morning.
I've just gotten back from my mom's garden
which was full of deep apple green leaves and limey flowers of the Lady's Mantle,
and roses of baby blush and fuschia,
peonies white and faded pink with ruffles like tutus.

There is nothing so feminine as a flower, in my opinion.
To be surrounded by them, especially any that I've grown,
releases a very womanly feeling in me...something passed down in my blood,
lurking and tying me to the women of my past.
Thank you so much for commenting in order to win the necklace.
I've pulled out a winner this morning!
Dagmar has won the necklace!!! Thanks so much for commenting!
Dagmar, if you would please email me at the pink flower button on the right,
you can send me your address so I can post the necklace to you.

And a bit of REALLY wonderful news!! I just received the Proof copy of my
first book! I can't tell you how thrilling it is to hold a book that I wrote every single word of in my
own two hands. I've been carrying it around as I've been giving it the editing-once-over.
Once I've edited it one more time, I would say this book should be ready by the end of the month. I will be selling signed copies of it for $15 plus shipping to wherever you are.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

ReadWriteWord #18 & a Drawing

On Waiting For The Bus In The Rain, Under A Tree

hand of a sapient spruce

brushing convoluted cone-ridden branches

over my hair, dripping drops of wet

liquid drapes as vellum vapors

tethering with its tonnage

under a moribund mist

that devours

that peels back layers

of onion skin bibliographies in my mind

a trumpet of wind snaps me out

to watch tree fingers turbine-twist

erasing dark ink-blots begging to be mulled


now devoured by bellydancing bark
and buses now arriving


How fun this was!!! ReadWritePoem has another kind of prompt during the week called "Read Write Word". This is number 18. They give you this picture called a "wordle" and you have to use all or some of the words in it. I decided to challenge myself to use them all, and I am very happy with this one. Today, the rain came down like you wouldn't believe while I waited for my son's bus to show up on the corner. Of course, if I am not right out there on the corner, they just keep driving with him on the bus (I always wonder what the hell they'd do with him if they didn't drop him off at home??!!) So it is cracking thunder scary lightening and gusting wind and dirty hail, and I decide to stand under a huge tree to keep from getting the worst of it, only to realize, I'm going to get the worst of it if I stand under a freakin' tree in a lightening storm...geez. So, I stand right out in it and get soaked, but hey, I met my son at the bus and threw my hat on him, opened my coat over him and we laughed all the way back down the road, up our lane and to our porch. A Thursday Afternoon Adventure!


I was very anxious to post this poem, but I still want to extend to all my readers to make a comment and be put in a drawing for this necklace, made special by me out of lime, lilac and amber glass beads. The longest pendant is about 2" long. I've put them on a ribbon, but they can easily be taken off and put on a chain. Just leave me a comment (even a short one) as I'd love to hear from my readers. THANK YOU! I'll be putting the names in a hat on Saturday and announcing a winner then. Don't worry if you've commented already on the first post of this drawing, you will still be added to the list!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

an Inner Landscape

I read this article today by Maria Ede-Weaving, about how the places we seek out for introspection, or to relax at, actually can reflect what is going on inside of us. I think this is absolutely true! I've never thought of this idea in relation to the outdoors, and that is a wonder that I never have.
I've thought extensively about how the state of the cleanliness of my house reflects my "inner landscape" and how the friends I choose are reflections of pieces of my personality. but never have I thought about the natural places I choose to frequent are reflections of myself. Here is a portion of what she said:

"What makes a place special can be deeply personal to us, something in our
inner landscape reflected back to us. These inner landscapes are as diverse and
contrasting as the ones we encounter in the outer world, and our relationships
with each differ. There are parts of our inner lives that are open, where air
and light circulate more freely; equally there are places outside of us that we
encounter that are as accessible, expansive and welcoming." (read the article in
it's entirety here)

So, I got to thinking about my favorite place, Cold Springs, and how it reflects my inner landscape. It is not a very big wildnerness area, perhaps 6 acres all together, if that. It is a very easy trail, uncomplicated, though there are a couple of sticky spots. Once after you cross the head of the springs there is a very deep muddy peat area, and some brambles that catch at your clothing - but I cross this with relish. I love to get it all over me and to feel the brambles in my hair...honestly! There is a portion at the end that has been burned but the huge burned ponderosa that lie there, are now houses for animals, and have character all their own. It was like the meadow made lemonade out of lemons. I even have a favorite fallen tree that we call "the big pencil" as the end is the only charred part, and it looks sharpened like a pencil on that side. At the very end of the one-way walk, there is this rock shelter that is frequented by party go-ers, and so has many broken bottles, and a fire pit there, and I feel very lucky that the people who come here have an alternate route to their Friday Night parties than through my place. They drive right up to it here, and I always feel that spot is the place that people call "Cold Springs" but they don't even know what is further in, is a soft, feminine place full of life and quiet and renewal. I don't particularly like it at the rock shelter.

I LOVE this time of year when the grasses are above my knee, and bushes grow up to my shoulder, and I can hide inside the three very old wild cherry trees on the far side of the spring. I can sit within it and no one walking past can see me, and what's more. I 've never even see anyone walking on this side of the spring. I feel that most people walking on this trail are one-minded. They want to see the head of the spring, they take a picture or nod their heads, then they turn on their heels and walk back to their cars.

As you can see the last time I was out there, I didn't have my camera, so I'm going again very very soon, and you'll see the pictures of my place through my eyes. I'm going to be seeing it a bit differently now after having read that article.

I love "food for thought".


You know what else I'd love? I'd love to hear from all of you who I see read my blog. It is nice to know that my words aren't just going off into the void of the web sometimes! If you'll make a comment on this post, I will put your name in a hat and pull out one of the commentors to win this necklace:

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - Life

It seems so simple today, but I am inspired by LIFE. The simplicity of living. Not just going through the day to day and making money and eating and sleeping...but actually opening your eyes and LIVING. Today, though, I don't have any sweet words, only pictures from the dearest place on Earth...the farm I came from.