Thursday, June 04, 2009


Hope is not merely a little wish that floats willy nilly on the breezes.

Hope is that thing that stands firm in the face of disaster.

Hope is that thing that burns without being consumed.

Hope is that thing that stares in the face of the dragon and does not shrink away.

Hope believes. It BELIEVES.

Hope is the ANCHOR that ties your wishes down.

Hope is the roots, the dock, the rope.
Hope is the light through the trees, on the water, on our faces.


You give your wish the power to succeed.

Hope is not a blind wish for a light in a dark cave,

but the luminescent, warm song that comes from your heart

and out of your mouth as an inner fire to guide you out of the cave.

Anna, I hold you in HOPE.

I sing you to us.


Doreen said...

I'm keeping hope as well Katie.

Keeping Anna in my thoughts and prayers.


Katie said...

To all - this isn't a picture of Anna, this is my daughter when she was about 1 1/2. Though Anna looked a lot like this at this age, except dark hair. BIG brown eyes - She was a real beauty then, and is gorgeous now!