Wednesday, June 10, 2009

an Inner Landscape

I read this article today by Maria Ede-Weaving, about how the places we seek out for introspection, or to relax at, actually can reflect what is going on inside of us. I think this is absolutely true! I've never thought of this idea in relation to the outdoors, and that is a wonder that I never have.
I've thought extensively about how the state of the cleanliness of my house reflects my "inner landscape" and how the friends I choose are reflections of pieces of my personality. but never have I thought about the natural places I choose to frequent are reflections of myself. Here is a portion of what she said:

"What makes a place special can be deeply personal to us, something in our
inner landscape reflected back to us. These inner landscapes are as diverse and
contrasting as the ones we encounter in the outer world, and our relationships
with each differ. There are parts of our inner lives that are open, where air
and light circulate more freely; equally there are places outside of us that we
encounter that are as accessible, expansive and welcoming." (read the article in
it's entirety here)

So, I got to thinking about my favorite place, Cold Springs, and how it reflects my inner landscape. It is not a very big wildnerness area, perhaps 6 acres all together, if that. It is a very easy trail, uncomplicated, though there are a couple of sticky spots. Once after you cross the head of the springs there is a very deep muddy peat area, and some brambles that catch at your clothing - but I cross this with relish. I love to get it all over me and to feel the brambles in my hair...honestly! There is a portion at the end that has been burned but the huge burned ponderosa that lie there, are now houses for animals, and have character all their own. It was like the meadow made lemonade out of lemons. I even have a favorite fallen tree that we call "the big pencil" as the end is the only charred part, and it looks sharpened like a pencil on that side. At the very end of the one-way walk, there is this rock shelter that is frequented by party go-ers, and so has many broken bottles, and a fire pit there, and I feel very lucky that the people who come here have an alternate route to their Friday Night parties than through my place. They drive right up to it here, and I always feel that spot is the place that people call "Cold Springs" but they don't even know what is further in, is a soft, feminine place full of life and quiet and renewal. I don't particularly like it at the rock shelter.

I LOVE this time of year when the grasses are above my knee, and bushes grow up to my shoulder, and I can hide inside the three very old wild cherry trees on the far side of the spring. I can sit within it and no one walking past can see me, and what's more. I 've never even see anyone walking on this side of the spring. I feel that most people walking on this trail are one-minded. They want to see the head of the spring, they take a picture or nod their heads, then they turn on their heels and walk back to their cars.

As you can see the last time I was out there, I didn't have my camera, so I'm going again very very soon, and you'll see the pictures of my place through my eyes. I'm going to be seeing it a bit differently now after having read that article.

I love "food for thought".


You know what else I'd love? I'd love to hear from all of you who I see read my blog. It is nice to know that my words aren't just going off into the void of the web sometimes! If you'll make a comment on this post, I will put your name in a hat and pull out one of the commentors to win this necklace:

I made it myself out of lime, lilac and amber glass beads. The longest pendant is about 2" long. I've put them on a ribbon, but they can easily be taken off and put on a chain. Just leave me a comment (even a short one) as I'd love to hear from my readers. THANK YOU!


Marion said...

Hi Katie,

I'm here reading your words and imagining being amongst those tall trees, high grass, quiet gentle springs.

- Marion

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Katie,
Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

I've finaly found some time to check out yours. And you grab me with your words...Yes I do think so too that everything that's around us reflects who/what we are.

And seems to me you're a pretty blessed lady. Your surroundings are gorgeous.

Oh and as for that neckless, simply love it. So you're also very creative. Nice job.

Gotta run to work, catch you later.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I do read your blog...most everyday, and your words bring me a measure of peace. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Katie--
I am here and enjoying your blog. Have loved and pondered the version of the Desiderata you have posted. It seems the one you see on posters a lot is the abbreviated one. At any rate, they are wise words to live by.
Also enjoy the writings, your poems and musings on nature. I folded laundry for a long time yesterday to the music on your playlist. The nature sounds make me feel at peace.
Be blessed, sister!

JFKlaver said...

One of the things about this particular blog entry that interest me most is the idea that you're learning the outdoor spaces we choose reflect our inner landscape. When I am outdoors I feel connected, like I am where I belong. I hope we both continue to grow as we learn more about our natural world. Thank you for sharing.

Katie said...

How very lovely to hear from some people I haven't heard from before! Thank you thank you for adding your voice here :) I hope to hear from you now and again even after this :)
I'll post the winner of the necklace on Sunday, June 14th.

Folkallure said...

Hi Katie,
This may sound odd, but I have to say it. When you write, it's like you've taken me by the hand and said, "Come on, walk with me." I love it. Thank you for your words and for being such a wonderful person who inspires others to be wonderful too.