Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - I'm Off Touching The World

It's been quite awhile since I last posted, and I am just so sorry about that...
maybe marginally sorry... Oh, actually not sorry at all.
We've been out seeing things like this...a little piece of paradise in the High Desert.
Can I try and describe the scene above?
Can I try and tell you how an amateur geologist feels when she sees (and her rockhound son sees) these ancient lava flows cut in half by millions of years of water running through them?
Can I tell you how the sun shone warm making the air heady with yellow mustard from a nearby field?
Can I express how the sound of the river was like the tinkling of ice in a glass of lemonade?
Would you know what I meant when I said the same scene made humid by a covering of clouds was just as beautiful?
Can you see how the colors, once vibrant in a golden wash of sunshine, were now seen through a thin wash of silvery watercolor?

I was busy looking at the sunshine through verdant greens.

Old Country Roses hot pink and prolific were filling my afternoons like syrup over hotcakes.

I was very busy noticing the warmth of these grasses on a backdrop of a cool river and a sky, clean and blue and lazy with summer clouds.

I was awed by the variety of greens in this world. Lime and apple, sage and chartreuse, forest and pine, grass and leaf...hues and shades and tints.
Sometimes I am struck by what is noticed and what goes unnoticed. I am a wonderer, a wanderer, a questioner, a learner...and not in any sort of lazy way. I burn with the desire to understand, to hear, to soak in knowledge. I lift up rocks and see what lives underneath; I watch spiders spin webs, I blow on clusters of baby spiders to see them drop lines and scurry back to their tight clutch. I wander through museums and read every word. I read every single day.
I look up words I don't know, or phrases I don't quite understand.
I analyze dreams and pay attention to unspoken clues.
I pick up rocks and wonder how they were formed; I want to know the names of birds, bugs, plants and trees.
I am an avid, voracious, persistant, curious learner.
Oftentimes, that takes me away from this blog...but there is no apologizing for it...
Life is out there, and I have to touch it to let it touch me.
I hope you get away from this computer today and turn over a rock to see who lives underneath it...say, "Good morning," then replace it and think of them often.
Life is out there, and you have to touch it to let it touch you.
a little side-note...
I think I'm constantly in a state of wonder about how connected we human beings are...especially, for me, how connected women are.
From a burning desire to give women the COURAGE to be Happy,
I started a little weekly newsletter called En-Couraged: A Weekly Lift,
and would you look at what the winding Path through Blog-dom brought me to today:
I wonder at the connectedness between what is inspiring and exciting women these days, and I find so much in common, kindred, and downright eerie somedays!! It can't be something in the water, or something in the air, so it must be something in the energy...
The Courage to be Happy/Blissful...I'm diggin' it...
It is so exciting!!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Gorgeous, Katie!! You were in the High Desert, I was in the Adirondack Mountains, soaking up the touch of nature. And Blisschick? She rocks!
xo, Graciel

Christine said...

I can almost smell the wildflowers and feel the warm sagey breeze...such a beautiful place to be.
love it all!

JFKlaver said...

OH! Thank you! Beautiful. With the perfect words to match the visuals. Thank you, again.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Katie, I've send you my mailadress. Hope things work out this time. Will you keep me informed if you've got it? Thanks. Dagmar

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Katie,

Now I found some spear minutes to look into this last post of yours. I'm so gladd to see we have this connection. Looking at the world the same way. I've choosen the birds song to listen to while reading your story and it feels like I'm right in the spot.

Have great weekend girl.
Hugs Dagmar