Sunday, June 14, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - Lady's Mantle

This Monday, I am inspired by Lady's Mantle.

It's flowers are a wonderful limey-hue, while the leaves are granny smith-green.

I love how delicate and earthy they are, and how they pop against the bright pink peonies.

It's Gaelic name is Copan an driuchd which means "dew cup".

The leaves of this plant fold up each night, and in the early morning they open, to show their

great drops of dew held inside.

In the ancient days of the Celts, women would wash their faces with the dew gathered in the leaves of the Lady's Mantle.

Lady's Mantle has been used to treat inflamed wounds, vomiting, and could regulate

periods and curb excess menstruation. It was used to calm period pains.

It's main usage was for women, hence the name and association with a Lady.

It has strong ties to the Celtic Goddess, Brighid, because of it's innate feminine healing qualities,

and ability to bring attention to details - a feminine trait.

Seeing a Lady's Mantle growing should remind you of the details in life that need notice, or attention.

Won't you turn to your feminine side and quietly reflect on the small things, today?

And if you are lucky enough to have Lady's Mantle growing in your garden,

take an early morning walk to wash your face in its dew.



Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Gorgeous, as ever, Dear Katie. I am reflecting today. Appreciating the flowers and the lovely feminine aspects of life.

Inspired by you. xxoo

Laura said...


This is one of my favorites. I love the way it looks after it rains--big rain drops resting on the leaves. And, it looks fabulous in any bouquet.


JFKlaver said...

Lady's Mantle now occupies a new place in my consciousness. Thank you for the inspiring information and beautiful photos. Now I am ready to face the new day.