Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays: my little brother's baby girl

I am inspired by my FAMILY today.
My family fills my heart to overflowing...
my "little" brother (who is 6'2" and over 30yrs old) and his beautiful, sweet wife
just had their first baby this last weekend.
Her name is Elisabeth...isn't that so beautiful?!
She looks exactly like a mix of her daddy and her mommy.
I just have fallen in love with her already. My kids were in awe of how tiny she was, and especially Emma was taken with her.
I got to cuddle her up and kiss her little head.
I was just looking up the word "family" and realized that it is related to the word "familiar" - so I looked up "familiar" in the thesaurus, and here is what I read:
familiar, intimate, knowing, versed, well-known;
accessible, affable, amicable, approacable,
casual, close, comfortable, courteous, easy,
friendly, informal, sociable, unconstrained, unreserved;
common, customary, usual.Align Center
and I couldn't help but feel these things about my brother's family and my family...we are familiar, in all these is beyond comforting to know that this little family is so familiar...especially with this new little baby!! Auntie Katie never sounded so good!
Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

How utterly perfect to be inspired by what is so..familiar. Life will always be a joy when what and WHO we surround ourselves with elevates our spirits. Welcome baby Elisabeth! Congratulations, Auntie Katie!!

JFKlaver said...

The greatest inspiration of all is new that of new life. Newborns are so close to the angels. May sweet Elisabeth always be this close to her Source. Beautiful!

Stacey said...

Is there no greater joy than the welcoming and hopes of glowing future nestled in such a tiny bundle? Congratulations Aunt Katie and congratulations to your family.

Christine Crocker said...

good morning auntie katie and little family,

this is so beautiful.
we've all been waiting so long and now that she's here, it's as if she's always been here...connecting our circle and filling it with more love.


About Katie said...

Oh thank you! I am so excited about her!

Heather said...

congratulations, I saw a picture of her from your mother, she is a pretty little thing! Babies are sweet~