Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peonies, Winners and First Books

Good Sunday Morning.
I've just gotten back from my mom's garden
which was full of deep apple green leaves and limey flowers of the Lady's Mantle,
and roses of baby blush and fuschia,
peonies white and faded pink with ruffles like tutus.

There is nothing so feminine as a flower, in my opinion.
To be surrounded by them, especially any that I've grown,
releases a very womanly feeling in me...something passed down in my blood,
lurking and tying me to the women of my past.
Thank you so much for commenting in order to win the necklace.
I've pulled out a winner this morning!
Dagmar has won the necklace!!! Thanks so much for commenting!
Dagmar, if you would please email me at the pink flower button on the right,
you can send me your address so I can post the necklace to you.

And a bit of REALLY wonderful news!! I just received the Proof copy of my
first book! I can't tell you how thrilling it is to hold a book that I wrote every single word of in my
own two hands. I've been carrying it around as I've been giving it the editing-once-over.
Once I've edited it one more time, I would say this book should be ready by the end of the month. I will be selling signed copies of it for $15 plus shipping to wherever you are.
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Christine said...

your pictures of your rose & peony bouquets are just beuatiful.
Here is another sunny afternoon with rumbling thunder and black clouds lurking at the edges of the earth.
the gardens are decadent with all this good rain.
Congratulations on your first book!
I'm so proud, excited and happy for you!
xo, ma

JFKlaver said...

I'm so glad Dagmar is the winner. She's beautiful and I love her blog. I love the others too, but Dagmar truly does deserve this gift.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh my god, this is the tirth thing I've won in the last 4 weeks trough blogs. What is happening to me. I never ever win things...Something is changing here.
Thank you thank you very much. I'll mail you.

Doreen said...

Katie..what stunning photo' are a master with the camera.

Congratulations Dagmar!!!

Please put me on your list for first editions...If you would like to invoice me...I can send you payment. :)

Joy to you :)Doreen

Laura said...


The collage of flowers is just beautiful. Peonies, another favorite, the scent of them (even when they're dried) just takes me away to a warm summer afternoon.

How exciting that you're in print!


Katie said...

Thank you Ladies!

Sea Angels said...

Such a long time since I have called in, and waht beautiful and fabulous news......put me down for a copy......can't wait
Hugs Lynn xxx