Thursday, June 11, 2009

ReadWriteWord #18 & a Drawing

On Waiting For The Bus In The Rain, Under A Tree

hand of a sapient spruce

brushing convoluted cone-ridden branches

over my hair, dripping drops of wet

liquid drapes as vellum vapors

tethering with its tonnage

under a moribund mist

that devours

that peels back layers

of onion skin bibliographies in my mind

a trumpet of wind snaps me out

to watch tree fingers turbine-twist

erasing dark ink-blots begging to be mulled


now devoured by bellydancing bark
and buses now arriving


How fun this was!!! ReadWritePoem has another kind of prompt during the week called "Read Write Word". This is number 18. They give you this picture called a "wordle" and you have to use all or some of the words in it. I decided to challenge myself to use them all, and I am very happy with this one. Today, the rain came down like you wouldn't believe while I waited for my son's bus to show up on the corner. Of course, if I am not right out there on the corner, they just keep driving with him on the bus (I always wonder what the hell they'd do with him if they didn't drop him off at home??!!) So it is cracking thunder scary lightening and gusting wind and dirty hail, and I decide to stand under a huge tree to keep from getting the worst of it, only to realize, I'm going to get the worst of it if I stand under a freakin' tree in a lightening storm...geez. So, I stand right out in it and get soaked, but hey, I met my son at the bus and threw my hat on him, opened my coat over him and we laughed all the way back down the road, up our lane and to our porch. A Thursday Afternoon Adventure!


I was very anxious to post this poem, but I still want to extend to all my readers to make a comment and be put in a drawing for this necklace, made special by me out of lime, lilac and amber glass beads. The longest pendant is about 2" long. I've put them on a ribbon, but they can easily be taken off and put on a chain. Just leave me a comment (even a short one) as I'd love to hear from my readers. THANK YOU! I'll be putting the names in a hat on Saturday and announcing a winner then. Don't worry if you've commented already on the first post of this drawing, you will still be added to the list!


Christine said...

I love this poem! You're the best with wordles!

this will be something that little man remembers all of his life.


angie said...

Oh, my!!
What a beautiful poem you created with that Wordle! I always have such a hard time with those!

It's so seamless I had to go back and hunt for the words!! Fantastic job!

And thank you for your kind comment on my poem about old Genghis; it is so much fun getting feedback! Gotta love RWP!

Marion said...

A nice poem and story to begin the day with. Thanks for sharing them. I feel a chill just reading the waiting in the rain words and then a warmth and happiness as the bus arrives and you meet your son.

JFKlaver said...

I felt as if I were standing there in the rain waiting with you for that bus. It's these things that keep us young. Thank you for sharing the moment.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

I like this...I mostly dig your use of the words plus alliteration. Good job.