Sunday, July 12, 2009

At the Close of Day - poem prompt

At the Close of Day
sanguine hearts heat
beat together
two wings of one feathered
flaming being
one fox fur-streak
sky seance
at close of day
an open orb is cut
by sunbeam-acuity
section by section
a lost-orange hue
like icarus
a lingering loiter
then a sorry slump
a hump
of coal-dark feathers
Oooh, these are my favorite, and I wait for these prompts. I love WORDS!
This one was so quick - I love the idea of describing a slow, but eventual down-fall of the sun at the end of the day.
These "wordles" are prompts from READWRITEPOEM


PiscesProject said...

That was incredible! I took a class for the summer, a poetry workshop. I can't get enough! I am going to pass READWRITE along. So wonderful!Thank you!

katiebird said...

Thank you so much! I truly enjoy writing poetry and for whatever reason I am completely inspired whenever READWRITEPOEM gives us "wordles" to write from. Yes, have fun with it!!

rallentanda said...

This is lovely.Sunset is a magical moment. I love all the nature sound.
How generous of you to give such pleasure to total strangers.

JFKlaver said...

What is so beautiful about this particular way of creating is that it removes the element of control so Spirit can wash through us. I'm checking READWRITE out myself!

Julie JordanScott said...

I loved your poem - I double checked because I love "orb" and thought "Did I miss that word in my poem?"

LOL. Great work!

Mark said...

Words do indeed rock. What you did with these words is amazing. It also rocks.