Thursday, July 30, 2009

The First Fruits of My Heart

Lammas (or Lughnasadh from the Ancient Celts) is a festival (traditionally celebrated on August 1st of each year) that celebrates the first fruits of harvest, the fruits of our labours, and seeing the desires that we had at the start of the year unfold. Lammas is an early Christian festival, "lammas" means loaf mass and represented the first loaves baked from that year's crop. These were taken to church and laid on the altar. Lughnasadh, a much earlier, pre-Christian form of the holiday, celebrates the first harvest, completion of work, a transformation, contentment, letting go; the first moments when the Earth is giving of her harvest before she readies herself for the winter are celebrated now.
It seems that Earth-Centered belief systems have a lot to say about the Harvest seasons, and take great pleasure in making them worthwhile and meaningful. Though, the traditional colors of this holiday are the earthier reds and golds, purply-browns and burnt-oranges, I am thinking of GREEN. Transformation, completion and contentment at the work I have done, looks like LOVE to me...and LOVE is the color of the Heart Chakra, which is GREEN for me.
To me, this time of year means, "Look at what your hard work has brought you to. Look at how the heart of the Goddess parallels your heart." I am deep within the Green Chakra these days, as I have languished beneath the drooping leaves of precious trees, and peered out among tall grasses...I have been inside the Goddess' Heart, like a Sanctuary. And as I learn to "DO" what I want to "BE", I find that green surrounds me. Like a chrysalis, a green room in which my wings are forming. This August 1st at Lughnasadh, I am reminded to be THANKFUL for the generosity and the bounty of the First Fruits of the labour that the Goddess and I have been doing, side by side, weeding and tending down the garden paths of my heart.


JFKlaver said...

Brookside Birds goes perfectly with your post. I love the greens. It's my color for the heart chakra, too. Thank you for the information about Lammas. It will start my August off right as I meditate on your posting.

Anonymous said...

wonderful beautiful green for you...