Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - Camping

"Camping is an Oregon Value"
I read that somewhere recently about traveling in Oregon, and I thought, "cool...camping is a value!" If camping is a value, then we are like...full of value...hmmm...well, anyway, we camp and camp and camp and this is the first time I've brought my computer with me...it was really so that I could be typing up my Goode Ladye's Press for July, but I realized that we could get wireless just by hooking up my husband's Blackberry to the computer!!! What a cool deal, so today, though I'm a day late, and waaaaay out of town, I thought to myself, I just had to share the pictures I took today, with short captions. ALSO, MOM!! You won the necklace! Those little stone-looking casings WERE little stones, a kind of insect called a Caddisfly makes these casings around themselves when they are mutating, and then they live in them until they outgrow them and put other things around them, too, with some kind of "insect glue" - veeery cool. So, ma, thanks for playing! Thanks ladies for trying!!! Okay, onto the camping trip:

"Lady of the Wood"
This was carved by a man who worked at Crater Lake in 1917. He wasn't recognized for it for quite a few years; apparently some people thought that perhaps the rock was carved/formed by nature (?) That would be a big stretch for me, but what do I know! It was a very sensitive and beautiful carving that was suppose to reflect his emotions about this place.

The Crater Lake gift shop...there were many gift shops, but this one was something else...I don't know what it was, but I had very SERIOUS dejavu' with it...Like...VERY serious dejavu'...did I work here in a previous life? I've had dreams about this building for a few years...recurring dreams...isn't that veeery veery interesting?! It was built in the 1920s, but was really in it's hayday in the 30's.
And we actually saw Crater Lake, too! Crater Lake is actually a Caldera, not a Crater, but this was named before anybody knew the difference. A "crater" is formed when the top is blown clean off of a volcano, but a "caldera" is formed when the volcano simply can't support itself anymore and the top crumbles into itself. This caldera then filled with melted snow and rain over centuries and centuries. Mount Mazama actually erupted some 7,700 years ago...I love this stuff!!!
The Island there is called "Wizard Island" and is another magma formed cone. Apparently, you could pay out-the-nose to get a boat ride out to it and around the whole thing. We didn't have any money up our noses, so we couldn't do it.
The edges were very steep, and it was fairly freaking me out, but...I got over it. The water is the cleanest in the WORLD. The water was so BLUE!! I couldn't get over it. The dark spots on the top of the water in this picture were actually cloud shadows! wow...
I really did love all the geological history of the place, in fact, I couldn't get enough of all of that, but I just was also fascinated by the human history. This, for instance, is the Crater Lake Lodge (which you must pay an arm-and-a-leg for per night, and just didn't have any extra arms and legs to stay there). They began building this in the early 1900s - something like 1902, and seems like it wasn't really finished until the 20s. They used local stone for the foundation. It was just so picturesque, and so...so...well, it was very 1918, if you ask me.
I mean, look at this porch with old wooden rockers, facing Crater Lake. How much more "1918" could you get?! You would literally only have to walk about 50 feet to get to the cliff edge of the crater from this spot. I don't think I'd enjoy staying there, but I loved learning about it's history!
Hopefully, I'll be able to share our trip to the Oregon Caves tomorrow, too.


Doreen said...

LOL...I don't have any money up my nose either!!!

What a beautiful area this is..gosh how wonderful and that lake water is simply amazing! You must have some sort of connection with the gift shop building..there's something there for sure if you feel it that strongly.

Thank you for sharing pics of your wonderful camping trip!

Congratulations Christine on winning..you lucky gal....how neat that it was an insect..silly me...thinking it was a pine cone..lol

Have a wonderful and safe trip

Christine Crocker said...

oh what a gorgeous place...but I'm with you about the steepness...too much...and oh that deep deep blue.
the buildings and stonework are amazing.
I'm so glad that you & your little family of E's are there and seeing something so very wonderful.
I've never seen it.

I'm so looking forward to my necklace, it's lovely. Thank you! I want to see the Caddisfly "houses" in person. How amazing!

where are you going next?

have fun!
love to you all, Grandma Christe'

Laura said...


Your pictures are breathtaking! What a beautiful place. The stone carving seems to reflect almost a worshipful pose and humbleness of the beauty it's surrounded by.

Glad you're enjoying time away. Keep that camera clicking!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

camping and gorgeous nature, my dear katie, is super-duper inspiring!!! enjoy the rest and looking forward to the caves. :)


Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Crater Lake is beautiful and the history was interesting it hear about.
I wondered what those formations were. They did look a lot like rocks! lol.
Thanks for sharing!