Monday, July 27, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays - Little Memories

Today I am inspired by Little Memories.
In a oblong, off-kilter honey-hued wooden bowl
I keep little bits of memory...
tiny heart-shaped rocks, no bigger than my pinky fingernail,
and itty bitty feathers left like presents on my lawn,
chips of fire-roasted orange agate,
the remains of fresh-water oysters,
They each serve to remind me of walks we've been on,
or birds we've met,
the flowers we identified,
I wish I could put this memory into my little wooden bowl...
having dug like mini-archeaologists for hours in a dust pile,
hop in the house and shift off all their loose dirt here;
they left this tiny footprint stencil,
like fossilized childhood.
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JFKlaver said...

These little memories look like treasures scattered around my art studio. So special...

Doreen said...

Oh my gracious..this last picture of the foot amazing!!! Thank goodness you saw it and captured it before it disappeared! I think that is just wonderful!!! When your children are grown and on their will have this..:)...such a great just captures childhood to me! It is one I would definitely frame!

Have a joyous day Katie!