Thursday, July 30, 2009

"It's Raining Tooooth-ehs!"

After days and days of boil-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk heat - in the upper 90's here in Sisters, Oregon, which is an absolute heatwave in the Pacific Northwest - it finally grew dark and dim by 3pm today, and by 4pm it had begun to thunder and lightening,
and by 5 o'clock we had thumb-sized hail and rain just pouring, pouring, pouring.
My daughter yelled out, "Mommy!!! It's raining tooooooth-ehs! Ihave to get one!"
I said, "Okay! Why do you need one?"
"So I can give one to the tooth fairy!!!"
Well...I believe that just might work as a get-rich-quick scheme...
I like that Emma. She's always thinking ahead.

It was such a relief, I stood in it for a bit with my eyes closed and arms out being thankful for the release of all the moisture the heat had taken.
Reason Number 134 of Why I love the Earth so much:
it always gives back what it takes.
It teaches me to graciously give of those things I have taken.

A little video of our Sudden Rain.



Anonymous said...

how wonderful that must feel and how wonderful it must sound.

toooooth-ehs from the sky!!!

we have the thunder and a black sky around the edges, but no's sweltering hot, but There is a mint scented breeze blowing.

give the little e's some love for me.

love you all, ma & grandma

Doreen said...

OH goodness..Sounds like you needed this rain!!! It sounds exactly the same outside my window right now as it does in your video!