Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Run Away with Nature - AND EXCITING NEWS!!

This summer has been handed to me like a gift.
I have been friends with
the sun, the grasses, the bumblebees,
the wildflowers, the calling bird, the rushing river,
the clinging vine, the small spiders,
...the midnight moon in full...
they whisper to me, begging me to come
And so I have.
Like the dish ran away with the spoon,
I've run away with Nature.
I've been sitting among grasses and hiding myself,
pulling up the energy of the roots and taking in all those fine feelings
of the intricate hum and brizzle of these fat fellows
so intense upon their work
like chubby little policemen with powdered sugar on their faces
and up and down their arms
and on their fuzzy backs

I've been driven to capture the wild domesticity of flowers in a garden -
planted here but dreaming of living somewhere quiet and frequented by only butterflies and the occasional fawn...
Striking hues that take me to sunset beaches of places I've never been,
open and receiving,
giving freely

Wildly Organized

translucent and full of light

Nestled her and there
unassuming little Ladies
opening like a kitschy lotus

found in an odd hazy corner of a very large garden

these bits of cloudy blue crepe

hovering over genteel ladies sipping tea at garden parties

More fuzzy bees in pink mallow
so happy and busy and smile-inducing
How appropriate to find Her here as well...
She offers reflection, prayer, thanks, and sanctuary.
I am so thankful for this beautiful world we live in,
and even for the bit of taming and creating gardeners try to do,
so that women like me can run away with Nature,
and never get lost.
My book is finally available for purchase!!
It is so gosh darned exciting, I just can't express it enough.


Laura said...

Hi Katie,

Wonderful photos and writing ~~ I too have found peace and comfort in the beauty of nature surrounding me lately.

I definitely want to purchase a signed copy of your new book! Wow! you wrote a book! You're an author! Woooohoooooo!!!! Congratulations!

Love to you my friend,

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Since I'm a Nature Girl too I see, hear and feel were you're coming from. Love this post. Thanks for spreading out the word that this world we live in is truely great.
Now I'm gonna check out your book.
Hugs and happy sunday. Dagmar

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

How wonderful to run away with Nature...lovely trickling water...and to see Her there too...just beautiful Katie♥x

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

You and me, Kindred. Running away with Nature is always the answer.

Doreen said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip Katie...isn't it lovely to get away and just relax and connect with the world around you. We leave next week for a camping trip in the Adirondacks and I am looking veryyyy forward to it.

I too would like a copy of your book. :) And're an AUTHOR..that is absolutely wonderful!

Folkallure said...

Hi Katie,
I am a writer of one and a half novels, and several children's faerytales. I understand how difficult it is to be found and transformed into an author, but you did it. CONGRATULATIONS to you from the bottom of my heart. You are a very gifted individual. Isn't it a comfort to feel so connected with nature and All when letting it flow through your spirit?
Hope you find more gardens and trees to walk in, and enjoy. Blessed Be