Friday, July 31, 2009

More Thoughts on the First Fruits

Lordy I'm Wordy...
If you'll remember my thoughts on the Celtic celebration of Lughnasadh, this is the continuation of those thoughts...I took my camera out to the garden just before a thunderstorm yesterday, looking for more GREEN.
I searched through the leaves of my cabbages looking for the little guys who made the windows in the leaves...and here he was...him and all 162 of his little friends.
I couldn't help but thinking it was a good metaphor for the feeling of Lughnasadh - the taking of the First Fruits...and there is something about making windows and being satisfied after making those windows...but there is nothing in the metaphor about ruining a good girl's cabbages.

There is something in the metaphor about these tendrils of green, all coiled up so pretty like that. They GREW that way, like a hose curled around, waiting to be attached to a sprinkler to wet down a yellowing patch of lawn.
There is something in the metaphor about this Egg-Gourd vine now curling around the fence with its tendrils and letting itself go wherever it needed to, to get out from under the huge tomatoes that grow over the top of them...

Tenacity brings this vine its rewards of sunshine and water.

There is something in the metaphor about how the leaf on this Hollyhock is making itself visible, right on top of the showy purpley-pink flower. There is a kind of contentment in laying itself out to soak in all it needs to give energy to the flower. There is a time to be the showy flower, and a time to be the practical, unassuming leaf...
at this time of year, I am so content to be the green leaf.

There is something in the metaphor about this willow tree growing in my backyard. I planted it purposefully, with vigor, to remind me that I may bend, but will never break.
There is a metaphor of Letting Go in each of these:
I can't cry and stalk the poor little blokes that insist on creating swiss cheese from my cabbages...I just calmly sprayed them out.
It is okay for me to uncoil the tendrils I've carefully grown,
so I can grasp and cling quietly to what I need.
I am well within my rights to unfurl myself and soak in all that I need to thrive.
I can stand proud and tall,
because I know that no manner of bending to listen and look will break me.
This August 1st, I will be grateful, thankful, down on my knees with gratitude
over the growth of my spirit, and the plucking of the first fruits of my heart.


Anonymous said...

I love all this green & viney leafy-ness...
and what it all means to you.

you have worked hard and your garden is growing...inside and out.


JFKlaver said...

These posts help ME grow. The sound of water and the green as so appropriate to my life right now. I love the synchronicity of if all. Abundance is what I feel when I come to your blog. Thank yoU!