Tuesday, August 18, 2009


About a half an hour from our home is this lake...appropriately called Clear Lake
The colors in the water were an amazing patchwork of bright algae greens, deep browns, slashes of black, powdery whites, rich sparkling golds and brilliant mediterranean blues.
The air was hot and dry and made sweat trickle down our backs...
the crystal clear water was cold as ice as we wetted our fingers
and rubbed the backs of our necks with it.
Sweetly quacking lady-ducks followed us wherever we went...in a kind of lacy train of downy brown fluff.
Our canoe shadow followed us in a kind of sparkling halo.
Reedy-green fences glittered with sunshine surrounded us,
while our curiosity brought us face-to-face with duck trails and bowered inlets.
My own sweet (talented!) husband made this cedar-strip canoe that carried us like a cloud over the shimmering top of the lake.
We sat on the dock while the kids ate giant icy pops and we were visited one last time by this little girl...she wasn't interested in icy pops, but we were interested in her, so she stayed a bit.
A day to clear out the cobwebs...what a breath of fresh air!


Doreen said...

Katie..these pictures are so beautiful...LOVE them all..thank you for sharing your day at the lake with us!

So glad you had a wonderful and relaxing day.

:)Smiles and joyous day to you

JFKlaver said...

Clear Lake—heaven. That canoe is to die for. Your husband did a great job.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Katie, if only I could sink into this clear lake and feel clear when I came out of it. Life is misty for me these last couple of days. Keep sending me pics like this and I'll feel better bit by bit. Hugs Dagmar