Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspire Me Monday - Being the Change

I'm inspired by the wisdom of this teabag fortune.
I can't help but feel it is exactly the message
I keep getting:
Every choice I make will change the world.
Do I choose to change it for the worse or
do I choose to change it for the better?
I have that power at every single moment.
You have that power at every single moment.
It reminds me to think kinder thoughts, have nobler actions,
forgive more quickly,
see the ultimate good in all situations and in all people,
consider my motivations,
be willing to be wrong,
keep my toilets clean...
what difference will it make?
I just have faith that it DOES make a difference for the better.
I only have faith.
hey, the teabag said so.


Anonymous said...

this is lovely,katiebird... and very inspiring.

it does make an immediate difference by just think differently about everything and then acting on it.
a huge difference!
i love that your tea bay says just what you've been talking about!
imagine that!


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

I completely believe in tea bag wisdom. I have a bowl of Yogi tea snippets on my kitchen table. I pull one out to read as a fortune every day.They never fail me.

So very glad you keep me company each inspired Monday. xo

Doreen said... are always so full of hope and inspiration and I'm so glad the tea bag wisdom is confirming that for you.

:)Joyous day

icandy... said...

Wonderful! The Celestial Seasoning's tags have some fantastic quotes, as well... I've started collecting them, like tiny affirmations! Thank you for sharing!
Christina :)