Thursday, August 20, 2009

ReadWrite Poem - Prompt #88

Woohoo...another of these WORDLE prompts that I love so much. I have to say that "8-track" and "diode" really stuck in my craw. I kept coming up with these beautiful little ideas like "the bustle of bees" and "linen-coarse" and things like I normally do, until I realized that this word group had already made a story and they were just sitting there waiting for me to see it. It wasn't something I normally think about or imagine or feel inspired by...but this little snapshot brought to mind a 70's cop sitting in his 70's car (trashed as all get-out) on some kind of really lame stake-out that made him feel just a little pathetic, and leaving it was like washing off the dust of a lonesome road.


8-track elocution slunking past dusty diodes
grapefruit-spooned Rafferty lyrics
garbled on wide black tape
big and coarse as tuna on rye

pull it out blow it off slam it back in

track 3 sings You Know That I'll Never Leave
salacious Camels, lank-legged, froth and roil
coagulating around 10 and 2
rancid bustles of oily paper shift impatiently
first gear fling-wings homeward
hitch-stepping into place, fitting snug
to rough-rant up the copse

toward frickin' finer things


Anonymous said...

oh lordy katie,

i love this!!!

perfection my dear girl!


anthonynorth said...

Nicely done. Difficult words to play with. You'll find mine here.

Nathan said...

You do a wonderful job of working up that great last line.

Mark said...

This so rocks...

Derrick said...

This is so descriptive. I particularly like the references in the first stanza. But I'm also kind of sorry that your initial thoughts of bees bustling and coarse linen didn't make it into something!