Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ReadWritePoem Prompt #89 - "Across The Water From Crowds"

I hadn't looked all week at this week's prompt from ReadWritePoem, so I took a peek tonight. The suggestion was to be inspired by a newspaper headline. So, I figured I'd give it a try. I quickly went to and wrote down the very first headline I saw: Crowds at Crosswater (you can read the real article topic here)

I used my POET'S License and reworked the title a bit and, still inspired by my last post and loving some of the bits I wrote there) I wrote this tonight:

Across the Water from Crowds

Lay me down among the dry and the rattling and the long and the lank

With spiders spinning me in grasses, holding me quietly together

I'm tired today of tuesdays only and thursdays at 11 and shoulda used a pencil

(the blunt point is driving me mad)

Lay me down under the trickle and the cool and the quiet and the burble

With reedy fences pulling me softly, beneath and silent

I'm tired today of crowds and clothes and buy one get one

(what I need isn't on sale)

Lay me down lip-deep in sun-hot lake beds with the musk and the crunch and the buzzing

So snake-laid trails can hide me on hands and knees, eyes soft shut

(away from tiresome columns and checks and lists)

on a sleepy sit-down with bluegrass and worms and finer things like



joannejohns said...

I love that you managed to get such a beautiful poem out of a golf tournament headline! Well done :)

gautami tripathy said...

Like how you structured it!

blowing over that mug of coffee

Derrick said...

Hello Katie,

I really enjoyed reading this. The words give it such a languorous feel.

And if I haven't said so before, I really like your header!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

ahhh, beloved, reminds me of standing outside the back-to-school mayhem and wishing, oh - wishing, for gentle repose instead.

Loved walking alongside you.

Cynthia Short said...

This was absolutely lovely! I could feel myself transported to this wonderful place of safety and calm.

Anonymous said...

Great language, and the ending was totally unexpected.

sarah haliwell said...

This poem is utterly beautiful - of the kind that limns my senses and makes me want to bookmark it to read it again and again - but mostly I want to say thank you for leaving a comment at my weblog, because it led me to yours, and it's so wonderful here!

djvorreyer said...

Really lovely sonics here - the tone is well-evoked.

Linda said...

Your poem is where I long to be after walking around a mall, taking a long car ride, working all day. Thank you for the restful visit to the spa, where life is refreshing and rejuvenating. Lovely.

Nathan said...

Wonderful take on your headline. Great work.

wildplumwhisper said...

Wonderful line breaks, really keeps the poem flowing. Restful escape... :) I love the ending.