Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Storm Before the Calm

This is my time of year. I LOVE the cooler nights and the cooler mornings. I love a sweater with my coffee on the porch. I love the crispness I've been getting hints of in the early hours.
Maybe it has to do with being a Virgo...but I am definitely an AUTUMN person.
Schedule-filling and job-securing have been on my horizon the past few weeks, and it does take me away from this blog, which is my most favorite hobby lately...I love to take photos and share them and my words with all of you.
I have been juggling dance class schedules with preschool schedules and cross-checking with yoga class schedules and of course with Cub Scout schedules...
but what I really want is to lie among these tall green grasses and let the spiders spin me in.

I want to perch on ancient basalt flows and stare out at the endless green ripples that I find here.
This is called "Fish Lake", and truly it is a lake for part of the year. It just happens to also dry up and drain out for the summer and then the sodden earth cracks with dryness in places and shares with the earth in the greenest grasses carpeting the former lake bottom. Heady wild mint pops up along its perimeter (of which I picked and rubbed up and down my arms and stuffed in my pocket so that I smelled like mint all day) and little purple asters (of which my daughter picked and I told her please not to, though I put it behind my ear anyway) have their day in the sandier portions.
Rather than driving to all of our appointments and school-shopping trips, I'd like to be back here watching the kids walk hand-in-hand along this path, worn smooth by all the summer hikers.

I'd rather be lying here listening to the wind rattle the grasses; that's the call-to-worship at my church. I'd rather be forehead down in the warm dirt right in this spot with the sun on my back; that's the Sacrament of Quiet Feeling at my church.

I'd rather be welcomed by this circle-window overlooking the lake/meadow,
than to be figuring out where the bottled glue is in a very busy, elbow-rich store aisle.
But I guess this is the STORM BEFORE THE CALM...
Peace be on all of you in your back-to-school madness!


Marion said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures - blue and green and brown - and words of transition. Peace to you and your family.

sarah haliwell said...

I am an Autumn person too (although I am a Capricorn/Cancer) - it is my wallow. But oh, you live in such a beautiful place! All seasons must be wonderful there.