Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ancient Mother

I am trying to tell myself that I need to learn patience...I had the opportunity to sub today, but because I've been on the verge of vomitting since the middle of the night, I couldn't take the job...what a dissapointment. I can't tell you how much I just want to go and teach :( So, I'm trying to encourage myself that there is always a deeper meaning, and I am letting the Ancient Mother fill me up today. I hope this song fills you as well.
a couple of other things that I've found today that fill me:

Our Lady of the Red Thread

Red Dirt Mother

and I'm wondering about the "red" theme today - tribe, roots, a sturdy base, femininity, fire, passion, love, hearts...hmmmmm....not so subtle signs.


JFKlaver said...

Even if you don't find a "satisfactory" reason for a day of rest, remember that we often push ourselves to the point of exhaustion in the name of "service." Sometimes Spirit gives us a gift of rest, despite our plans to do otherwise. So just say "Thank you" for the gift. Smiles to you, my friend.

sarah haliwell said...

I am very sorry you are sick, I hope you get better soon. But through your lost opportunity came so much goodness for me. It was wonderfully healing and hope-full to listen to the names of the Mother being chanted so beautifully while we ate breakfast. Thank you :-)