Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Covering up in LOVE

Really hearing a bird sing or really seeing a blue sky, we touch the seed of the Holy Spirit within us.

Living Buddha, Living Christ (Thich Nhat Hanh)

I'm impressed with God lately. I mean, really impressed. It isn't hard for me to be in awe...I find myself in that state often in my life, but lately, I've been in a state of "humble awe."

The nature of the Divine is so wonderful and beautiful and real.

I've been finding out that LOVE really can eradicate fear. That LOVE is actually what does make the world go-round. It is actually LOVE that we all need.

Love for anything is Divine: love of jumping in leaves has to be one of the purest, most godly forms of love I've ever seen. Our family (mostly the kids) played in it for quite sometime. Mostly, as an adult, I was awed by the kids' absolute fulfillment with the leaf pile. My son raked it up (and used a leaf blower - another JOY IN LIFE THAT FILLED HIM UP TO BURSTING!!) and jumped in it, covered himself in it, layed in it, layed under it, swam in it and crushed it over and over and over again...with the same HUGE smile every time. I kept thinking, "That is LOVE at its most pure."
I've been thinking about how the fear of a thing can push the love out. It has come to my attention that Fear puts on a mask of Power that makes our love curl up underneath and sit waiting. Fear of rejection, fear of acceptance, fear of the truth (whatever it may be), fear of the lie, fear of the unknown, fear of the known, fear of death, fear of life...FEAR, I feel, is actually the opposite of LOVE...I think that even in hate, there is something of love. You have to actually love something in order to hate something else. That is the balance of hate and love.

However, FEAR doesn't need hate. Fear is something altogether much darker, much more sinister...fear is that chill up your arm when you hear something on the porch in the middle of the night...fear is that call in the early morning hours before the sun comes up...fear is calling for your child and not hearing anything...fear eats you up.

How do you get rid of fear?

You have to fill yourself up with LOVE. Put Love right over the top of Fear like a band-aid...a band-aid that never comes off, so that one day, when it comes time, you'll take off the band-aid to see what was under there and find only a faint scar of what it was...something you vaguely remember. When LOVE goes before fear, you've've've been filled up with SPIRIT, and you've won.

How, oh how, do we put our fear away?

Only with a spirit of mindfulness - only by putting LOVE first everytime you think of peeking under the band-aid. Only by prayer - ask for help for goodness sake! - only by faith that LOVE is stronger. LOVE is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my whole life, and it is STRONG.

Let it wrap you in its arms, let it enfold you...SEE beauty, Feel LOVE.


sarah haliwell said...

what a wise and beautiful post.

JFKlaver said...

Here you capture joy and delicate details. Thoughtful. Kindred.

JFKlaver said...

I love them all, but the last one has a sort of abstract mysterious feeling. I simply cannot stop looking at it!

Tammie Lee said...

I can feel the divine and love in your words. Thank you.
I think you might be on to something with: there might be some love in hate. But I don't sense that we must love something in order to hate. It feels as though hate rises out of fear. For me the way I deal with fear is to get present. My experience is that fear is based on imagination. So I build muscles on being with what is: Is anything bad actually happening? Fear looses its grip and melts away like the illusion it is. Wonderful thought provoking post with lovely images too.