Thursday, October 01, 2009

I've Been Dreaming in Black and White

My dreams are vibrant, multi-faceted, complicated...wing-ed
and this is true.
My dreams are black silhouettes against a dusky purple-white sky
and this is true.

I look into the face of my dreams and I see them as words on a page,
delicate serif fonts of wishes and talents and deep-longings.
I look into the face of my dreams and I see white-hot sparkles
of desire and drive and excitement.
My dreams feel like an old photograph of grandma at 20-something,
black and white and sepia...bold and bountiful and beautiful.
My dreams fit me like my own skin.
I stand gazing at it, feeling it in the palm of my hand
like a black rock just before the sun goes down...hefty and real...
remembering the way the dream feels after the sun goes down.
I don't need my eyes to know my dreams. I know the feel of what I'm good at, what I long for.
Standing, again, in that classroom full of fresh teenagers pulls me flat in my solar plexus...
like tendrils of strong sinew tying me down, grounding me, calling out to me, "This is YOU. You are here. This is what you DO. This is what you were BORN to do."
I know it in my white bones...
I know it.


Sea Angels said...

Beautiful pictures that have a true and beautiful resonance
Hugs Lynn xxx

JFKlaver said...

What a gift—to be doing what you were born to do and recognize it!