Friday, October 16, 2009

Twisting in one Direction (or the Definition of Becoming)

Nature is most lavish in her gifts and in order to appreciate them we should listen to her voice and study well her teachings. ~J. Clark
I don't know how I happened upon that quote one day when I created this blog, but I did...happen upon it, that is. And at that moment, "Into the Woode" meant to me something mysterious and unknown, rather like walking in a darkened wood with nothing whatsoever on the agenda except to follow a rustling breeze, or the musky scent of a toadstool. To gather what you may, while you may, and even after you may (o gasp), was the impetus that drove me to write down my thoughts here.
Into the Woode was a bit nebulous and sticky, like the stringy-fingers of the cat-face spider's web. It was even a bit grabbing like a bramble at your skirts.
Through the summer, however, I found that the Woode became lighter, brighter, even diffused into tiny fairy specks suddenly gathering and just as suddenly dispersing like dust motes in shafts of light. My Woode is the sound of rain dripping from my eaves, and the snap of a juniper log on the fire. My Woode is the groan-grackle of the chickens in the purple-black of dawn. My Woode tastes like bacon pop-cracking in the cast iron skillet and the richness of the deep amber of my coffee in a rustic pottery mug on a bright, cold Sunday morning.
My Woode is a dew drop.
My Woode is one pretty fragile petal left.
My Woode is a tangled grassy path through the bottom of a lake bed.
My Woode is the Autumn sun poking at me through the leaves of my favorite little
Choke Cherries.
My Woode changes as I twist and tumble through the labrynthine maze of the seasons, through the wheel of the year, as I Become in every moment, at the breaking of each day and the second my eyes are closed...
My Woode is My Becoming.


sarah said...

So often I come away from your posts with tears behind my eyes just at the beauty of it. And I love this new header, it is sublime.

erin said...

how absolutely beautiful!! i just found you through my dear blogging friend carole maynard and glad i stopped by! i am truely a "listener to nature"......lovely poste (with an e at the end). all the best , erin

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh my....You've got me into tears here agian. What is that with you that you touch my heart so profound again and again. I'm gladd God let our paths cross. I'm thankful to know you. Again you've said it all so deeply.

Love your new header too. Sweet hugs from my heart to yours. Dagmar

katiebird said...

Thank you ALL so much, it truly means a lot to hear these sorts of things - there are moments with our energies truly resonate, and it seems that it ripples through other women at the same time, do you notice common themes coming up at different times? So wonderfully miraculous.