Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the world stopped and listened

So, what have I been thinking of...I've been thinking of what my Mandala would look like, and I still want to make one for you...but lately, it has honestly been a little 3-dimensional, with audio, and warmth and taste...I'd like to make a mandala that has the music of some sort of bird that I hear early in the morning - it sounds like a Fox Sparrow {and Here,} and feels like heat from the woodstove, tastes like really rich morning coffee {the first cup}. It looks like my lavendar August-to-August planner, but it feels like the soft-rabbity-ness of my kitty cat, Boo-Boo.

It feels a bit anxious and interested in how well this idea is going: {why not just WOOD? you ask...because I like olde spellings and fit them in whynever I see fit it is WOODE}, but not overwrought or anything like that. It is SO interesting, because when I was doing more of Sparrow's Cottage, I was always constantly worried about the latest "copycat", and whether or not anyone would buy my wares. This time, because I know that what I offer is so much more authentic, I just don't worry. I have this HUGE feeling that those who need what I have to offer, will just be there...they'll just come...
I love to have some time to myself at night when everyone else is in bed, because now that school's on, I don't get any mornings to myself - they are all dash and hurry and lunches and homework folders and kisses and hugs and out the door - so I get evenings...that is good, it suits me better. I love the dark, and the quiet of the moon, she is MUCH better company to sweet Moon.

So, this night, I went and fiddled with my website some more, and I added this page about "FREE goodies", as you can see...and a pretty background (softer, but still clean-looking).

What is my point, what is the idea??!! I don't even totally know myself. Isn't that something? What I Offer...hmmm...the tangible, hold-in-your-hands things are books {oh joy my favorite things and I've made three of them!!!} and necklaces {they hold power and spirit and healing for me} and make-it-yourself journals from rescued books and spiritual tokens of intuition and inspiration...But what do I OFFER? You mean besides the Website Design/Creation service?
What do I OFFER??!! I think I just offer me. I offer my experiences, my gift of encouragement, my offering of a hand to lift you, the words of inspiration, the heart of little revelations... This website is the first real, tangible, out-in-the-world step of me saying, "guess what, this is me..."
I wrote a poem today about it...I'll leave you with it:

she held them all
- sparkling and squirming -
like tiny fish
close to her body
with both hands
tight but sharing
her fingers feel the softest ones
and one hand deftly grabs those
molds them back into her chest
to rest
in her heart until later
when things are safer
and she feels stronger
the others
-sparkling and squirming -
she gently relaxes her hold on
still protecting
but wanting
but needing
to share them
pulling out one by the tail
hugging the others to her body, still
she looks
-with glittering eyes -
into its wonder and fantastical-ness
then out into the world
and says, "listen"
and the world stopped
and listened


Laura said...


There is definitely no copycatting you ~~ and your uniqueness and inner beauty! I love what you wrote and the imagery of sharing what is you.

love to you, dear friend . .

katiebird said...

I love you Laura. You are a DEAR friend :)