Sunday, November 08, 2009

Being That Bridge

Where have I been, what have I been doing?
I've been whispering to yelling mouths.
I've been holding back running legs.
I've been awakening quieted minds.
I've been soothing some child's savage beast...
whose warm beating heart is encrusted like a stone..
all as a blind woman whose only light is love.
What in the world do I know? I ask myself when nothing works.
What in the world am I doing here? I ask myself when too much is happening at once.

Last Friday, my world was very small and tight and wound like a spring.
I was whisked away with my little bundles of warmth and love and light and openness.
We stood atop red clay and took deep breaths of fresh air and looked at the near-nothing-ness of what surrounded us. Thank God for quiet-looking places like this.
After being unwound by restful sleep and sun that wanted to get into every picture I took, and clay that stuck to our shoes and made us each an inch taller than we really were, and swimming in a warm spring, I realized that I DO KNOW what I'm doing.
I know love and love knows me.

Because I have walked this bridge with loved ones and found that the bridge was itself made of love - that immovable, unfathomable kind that I cannot quite feel the edges of -
I walked into the caring and acceptance and understanding, and QUIET,
I DO belong here now. I have something to give them.


JFKlaver said...

Ah! When we know love we have all the answers. Thank you.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

you are truely a Gods Gift to everyone around you and to me be speaking out these wonderful heavenly words. Love and hugs Dagmar