Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happiness of Place

This is one of those magical miracles, honestly. I intended for a job and everyday I said a prayer, straight from my bones, very specific about what I wanted and then I added "or better" every single time...I got the "or better."

I have found myself with a job that starts after the kids are in school and ends just when they need picked up. It is important soul-work that I am proud of. It changes daily within small will fill me up during the gives me purpose and is something I am passionate about. I start tomorrow...what a wonder is the power of bone-deep prayer.

Sending out not only words, but energy and power and wish and magic. Bubbling it all together in a cauldron of change...of hope and ultimately of what is TRUE...what is TRUEST about me at the moment...what I need has become what I want, and I am SO thankful for this :)

I think that when I quit Sparrow's Cottage (how funny, there isn't even a link anymore to show you what I mean), some thought I quit because I couldn't "hack it." Yes, for sure, there were problems with being an artist...the ego is one of the reasons, I'm sure...the naughty design stealers are another...but those were teensy tiny little items in the column marked "reasons to quit" The biggest reason was because I don't just enjoy teaching. I'm not just good at it. I am passionate about it. I ride the fence happily on most other issues, but when it comes to teaching and what I believe, I sit firmly on one side or another on each issue. I love the work. I love the people. I love the kids, whose minds are entrusted to me for most of the day. I love the hours. I love the plan books. I love the chalkboards/whiteboards/SmartBoards/bulletin boards. I love it, truly. It makes my lip curl up in a smile. It makes me lift my head a little higher. It makes me walk with purpose. It makes my brain move and churl with ideas...nothing else makes me feel the same in life. I have a responsibility to use the abilities I was given.
What makes you feel the same way? Have you found it yet? Have you sounded the depths of who you are and found your place? Do you see where your feet are standing? When you find where you belong you can let out a loud long bellow with your arms outstretched, because it is truly wonderful...and you deserve a loud long bellow, don't you think?


sarah said...

I am so very, very happy for you :-) Congratulations!

I know my place, or places, as there are two of them. But they have very difficult terrain.

katiebird said...

I have found this as well, "But they have very difficult terrain." So so true! and what is the difference between this thing I love and anything else? I love it enough to endure the difficulties.

I see this with you as well, as I follow along with what you share in your blog :)
Take care!!

Sea Angels said...

From the heart, you the hit the spot every time.
I think you will always be a fabulous artist and crafts women but for this moment and for this space in time you are a teacher!! and lucky so lucky are those pupils who's world you will touch.
Yes that is magic..... the best sort ,
the very best xxxxx
Love Lynn xxxx

JFKlaver said...

A true lesson in that if we follow our passion instead of what we "think" we "should" do, we find JOY! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

Laura said...

Ohh to be a student in your classroom! Your love and passion will be poured into those young lives. I'm so happy for you, Katie.

And thankful, for answered prayer!

Love to you,

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Katie this one is good. Congrats to you my friend. I'll guess I need to pray a little more and let it come frome bone deep.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Dear Katie,

I needed this post more than I can express. I need to follow your lead on this, as my present career leaves me joyless...and working with flowers should not be that way! I love the "or something better".

I'm off to formulate the plan..thank you so much.

Love and more love,

Anonymous said...

I remember your Sparrow's Cottage with fondness..I am so glad that you are happy!
Kathy L

Christine Crocker said...

I'm so happy for you honey.
prayer is a powerful thing...

see you soon,

Tammie Lee said...

How wonderful that you got an: or better- job!

I love how you added: or better!
Thank you, this is so perfect for this moment!